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How to Find a Solar Installer You Can Trust.

How to Find a Solar Installer You Can Trust.

Hiring good solar installers can be complicated. Many local companies offer an all-in-one service, but these providers often charge too much for the job. This is because providers are large companies with a lot of overhead and need to bill far more than independent contractors to cover their costs. There is another way, though: do your research and find the equipment you need on your own, then hire a local solar installers sunshine coast to manage parts of the installation. If you're willing to research and buy the system yourself, you can likely find a solar installer in your area with a much more competitive price than the big companies. It requires a bit of extra research and legwork, but the savings are well worth it:

Step 1- As if We Know Someone

We've been selling solar equipment for several years, and we've built relationships with solar installers around the country in that time. Ask your designer if they can connect you to a trusted installer in your area. Chances are good; we've worked with someone in your area.

Ask Friends if They Know Someone

If you don't have a referral in the industry, ask your friends and family if they have worked with any contractors who have done work at their house that they can recommend. We find that it's best not to find these referrals through social media but rather word-of-mouth; i.e., a friend told you that they've worked with someone who did good work and is trustworthy. Any reputable contractor will be worth working with; what matters most is making sure they do honest, efficient work."

Find Reviews and Compare Quotes

If you don't have a referral and can't find any reviews from past clients, it might be time to look elsewhere and contact other companies with the same equipment or offer similar services. Since most solar contractors have produced work for other houses, their company history is good to start (even if installing is not their main trade). We recommend starting with Angie's List since these companies tend to have higher standards about customer satisfaction and larger catalogs of projects for you to choose from. If you hit a dead-end, we would then move on by contacting businesses listed on Yelp that offer solar products and services. While these directories can be fruitful, they are associated with additional risk because the companies listed here may or may not fit what you're looking for, depending on where they fall within the ranking hierarchy. You want to find an installer who will stay in business and honor their warranty should you run into any problems. If a company is advertising in the Yellow Pages, it's much more likely they're in it for the long haul.

What Do the Best Solar Installers Have to Offer?


All electricians must have a valid work permit in the states where they are working. Depending on what county you reside in, there may be several necessary documents required for these permits to be issued (which could be an electrical or building permit). Utility companies should not connect systems owned by those with all the permits.


Insurance protects the contractor from damage to your property if something goes wrong during the project. If a contractor does not have insurance, you can still hold him accountable for any damages caused by their negligence, but it will take time for you to secure the money needed to repair them. Do a background check on any contractors and determine if they're licensed, insured, and bonded - this ultimately is your best defense against contractors who would scam people like you. 

Reputation & Longevity

This is a continuation of the points above. Solar is an industry with a long sales cycle and even longer product lifespan. Often you're dealing with homeowners who plan things out extensively, while panels themselves are warrantied for years. For this reason, you must find a company that has tons of experience performing these installations and has years of work history to back them up. You want to rely on someone who will stick around for more than one project since solar systems typically require maintenance at some point or the other - like replacing inverters after several years.

Competitive Quotes

Solar power still has a Wild West feel. Most contractors charge extremely wide-ranging rates, and it can be difficult to tell what a fair price is. Some solar companies are more competitive than others.

New to solar? Check out our guide to Getting Started With Solar to learn the basics.

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