Top Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platform Features to Level Up Your Event

Alyssa Joshua

Town hall meetings are an indispensable part of an organization. They are hosted to bring all the employees together on the same page. Traditionally hosted in-person, with the onset of the pandemic, they are now conducted over virtual platforms. If you are also concerned about different features to make your virtual meet stand apart from the crowd, don’t worry; this blog has got you covered. Read to know how: 


When you plan an in-person event, let say product launch. How would you want its execution to be? You would want that once the attendees enter the venue, there are certain elements that have some information about the product, and the company. Also, your invites would also have some add-ons that clearly show the attendees what it is all about.

 Likewise, in virtual events, as the host, you would want that once your audience logs in to the virtual town hall meeting platform, they get the idea about your event and brand. While some might think it is impossible to do this, virtual event platforms let you do that with ease. 

There are several event solutions that provide their audience with the feature of customization. This feature lets the organizers design their meetings, landing pages, confirmation and reminder emails, registration pages, and other things according to the needs and requirements of the brand. 

With this tool, you can give your virtual town hall meeting a more personalized look and feel. The intent of this feature is the effective branding of the host company. With customization, it is now possible to give your web meeting the touch of your brand. 


As an organizer, what would you prefer; different options for different requirements, or an all-in-one solution for all your needs? We would personally go with the second option due to certain reasons. One, it is manageable, two, it allows you to save money, time, and energy. Reports suggest that virtual events conducted over platforms that provide a-to-z solution to conduct an effective virtual event are more effective than the ones conducted using multiple solutions. 

Hence, there are web solutions that come with all the tools that one needs to conduct a virtual town hall meeting. Joining hands with any of these event solutions will help you scale up your virtual event game drastically. From planning to collecting feedback and bringing your entire virtual town hall together, expert event software will assist you in executing your town hall in the most effective way. 

Seamless Navigation: 

When you decide the venue for any of your physical events, what are the factors you consider? One, the venue isn’t too far from the city; Two, it is easy to access. The same factors go for a virtual event platform. While you get your hands on virtual town hall software, make sure the name you pick is easily accessible. Not all your attendees are tech geeks, nor do they have all the time in this world.

Hence, while making a choice, make sure it can be accessed easily without knowing advanced technology. Also, the attendee should be able to join the event in two-three clicks. 

Apart from this, you need to understand that while some prefer joining a web event with laptops and PCs, there are some who find mobile phones convenient. Hence, a virtual platform for meetings with multi-device, multi-browser compatibility will altogether help you step up the virtual town hall game ladder. 

Audience Interaction Tools: 

Town halls have always been conducted with the objective of bringing all the employees together on one platform. These meetings promote communication between members and teams where interaction isn’t possible on regular days. Now that things have moved online, communication and staying together on the same page have become more challenging and necessary than ever. What’s the point of picking a Virtual Town Hall Meeting platform that comes with absolutely no opportunities and tools to interact with each other?

A web solution with interaction and communication tools won’t only help you achieve the objective of hosting a virtual town hall meeting, but also make things seamless and less challenging. 

Tools and features such as live chat, audio/video calls, breakout rooms, networking tools, and others promote two-way communication, giving virtual town halls a closer-to-real look. 


Even though official meetings require all the members to mark their presence, it is sometimes possible that some employees missed it due to bad health and other prior commitments. Now, it is not possible for others to brief them about the entire meeting. There are fair chances they will miss out on something or the other. 

It is when the recording feature of a virtual platform for meetings comes in handy. It lets you record your entire session, which you can later use according to your needs. Not only this, you can use the meeting snippets to send to all the employees as the meeting highlights. In addition, you can also post them on social media to give a sneak peek to your audience about all that happens in your organization’s meetings. 

Engagement Tools: 

While virtual events come with numerous benefits, they have their own drawbacks, challenges, and limitations also. It gets a bit challenging for the organizers to boost engagement among the audience. But then, the audience engagement tools come to the rescue. These tools are designed to make web events more interactive and gripping. Among all the challenges, one is ‘Zoom Fatigue’, while some might believe there’s nothing like that, it has real meaning. With the help of audience engagement tools, the organizers infuse the feel of an in-person event and make them compelling. Hence, when you are getting your hands on a platform, don’t overlook the engagement features they come with. 

Virtual events have successfully made their way into our lives, and they are not leaving anytime soon. Now every other organization has started to host virtual meets, but one thing they lack behind is the choice they make with the platform. Not only this, the execution of virtual town halls is generally basic and is failing to keep the attendees gripped to the meeting. This article intended to suggest some ways you can use to scale up your virtual town halls.

Alyssa Joshua
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