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Target your trapezius by performing the barbell shrugs daily

Target your trapezius by performing the barbell shrugs daily

While we focus on working out all parts of our body, we often forget to pay attention to those that need it the most. The trapezius is one such weak muscle in the body that needs enough focus. Potential exercises that can help improve the strength of the muscle is in high demand. That is the reason why shoulder exercises are an essential pick for many fitness freaks today. 

Barbell shrugs are best for targeting the traps and improving its function in various ways. If you are adamant about trying out the exercise, here’s how you can do it by ensuring utmost safety and care.

Barbell shrug exercises for a better tomorrow

The trapezius is a flat muscle that is located between the upper back and part of the neck. It not only helps in stabilizing the scapula but also elevating the arms overhead and retracting the scapula. Since this muscle is weak, it is vital to exercise it daily to strengthen it. Barbell shrugs are the best exercise for this purpose that can aid your problem instantly. Barbell shrug exercises promise to abolish poor shoulder and arm mobility, back pain and maintain good body posture forever. It also guides in avoiding any poor compound movements for a hassle-free experience. 

How to perform the barbell shrug workout?

A lot of people think that a barbell shrug workout is not easy to perform but this is not true. Barbell shrug is an isolation exercise that has simple steps for you to practice. All you have to do is cater to each step while practicing the exercise. Once you do that, you will be all set to look like your dream person. 

How to perform- Position the barbell on a rack. Make sure it is situated below waist level. Stand in front of the barbell now. Before you start the workout, tighten your abs and hold the barbell with an overhand grip. Contract your traps and bring your shoulder upwards. Once you have finished the step, bring the barbell down to the initial position. Repeat the barbell shrug exercise as desired. 

How to perform behind the back-barbell shrug?

For those who do not know, there is also something called behind the back-barbell shrug. This barbell shrug variation focuses on your traps and helps improve it in no time. For those who practice this exercise consistently, they know how effective this one is. 

How to perform- Load the weight to perform the exercise. Stand by facing away from the bar. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart at this point. Now, bend at your knees and pick the barbell from the ground. If you have a trainer to guide you for this step, it will be better. Hold the bar using an overhand grip. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Now, keep the barbell near the body and let your shoulders sag as far as you can. Now, shrug your shoulders upwards as far as you can. Pause and return to the initial position. Repeat behind the back-barbell shrug a few times for the best experience.

Barbell shrug exercise alternatives for you 

If you do not feel like practising the barbell shrug for some reason, we also have alternatives for the same. Such barbell shrug alternatives for the workout will help you immensely in bringing the same benefits without practicing the same exercise. 

1. Resistance Band side shrugs 

 All you have to do is hold a resistance band properly to avoid any injuries. Shrug the resistance band upwards with the same form as the barbell shrug. Repeat the exercise a few times for the best experience. 

2. Close grip upright rows 

 For this exercise, hold a resistance band properly with your palms facing inwards. Make sure you are following each step well to avoid any complications. Now, activate your traps to raise your hand inwards. Make sure that your elbow is situated above your wrist. 

3. Lying Superman raises 

 Place your forehand on the floor and activate your traps to raise the upper body off the floor. Make sure your abs remain tight while you perform this workout. Repeat the exercise to acquire its benefits in no time. 

The takeaway

If you are looking out for the best barbell shrug exercises to try at home, you cannot miss this one. Follow our article to improve your trapezius and strengthen them like never before. It works, we promise!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What barbell shrug exercise mistakes should I avoid while performing the exercise?

 While you perform the barbell shrug exercise, make sure you avoid back swinging, rolling the shoulders and neck positioning so that you can keep away from any complication. 

2. Can you name some more barbell shrug workout alternatives to try at home?

 You can try out the reverse grip front shrug, dumbbell shrug and behind the back-barbell shrug. These are the best picks for sure. 

 If you are looking out for the best barbell shrug exercises to try at home, you cannot miss this one. Follow our article to improve your trapezius and strengthen them like never before. It works, we promise!

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