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No Credit Check Credit Cards - A Brief Guide

Alla Brooks
No Credit Check Credit Cards - A Brief Guide


Undoubtedly, credit cards that do not need a credit check to get approved sound appealing, especially when you have a poor credit rating. However, applying for a no credit check credit card will not impact your credit rating. These cards come with high interest and credit fees. There is a lot to learn about these credit cards, which you can learn from this brief guide. 


What is a No Credit Check Credit Card?

When you get a credit card, the company will consider your credit rating to determine your credit card limit. So what do you do if you have never borrowed money before and don’t have a credit rating? First, you apply for a no credit check credit card.


A no credit check credit card is a credit card you can apply for without the company doing a credit background check on you. There are different reasons why you may not have a credit history. It could be that you are new to the country, young, or have never borrowed credit before.


How Do You Apply for a No Credit Check Credit Card?

When applying for a credit card without credit checks, there are some details you need to provide during the application process. Such as;


a.) Your Income- despite lacking a credit history, your lender needs to be sure you can meet your card repayments timely. You can only meet your repayments if you have a source of income. Therefore your lender needs evidence of your income which you can show through bank statements.


b.) Identification- with rising cases of identity theft, your lender will ask for identification documents to prove your identity. You can use a passport, driving license, or anything with your photo ID on it.


c.) Your Address- your lender will also ask for your address or addresses of places you have lived in the past three years. Depending on the lender, some will prefer candidates who have lived at their current address for a specified duration.


Don’t Have Credit History?-Tips for You.

If you apply for a no-check credit card and get approved, it is essential to use your card responsibly to build a good credit score. Responsibly managing your credit can also help you qualify for better loans and a higher credit card in the future.


Here are some tips for you;


● Do not give up if lenders reject your applications. Instead, ask lenders for suggestions on what you can do to qualify for a credit card.


● During your search, refrain from submitting numerous applications. Instead of continuously applying after getting rejected, choose a different lender with high chance of approving your credit card request.


How to Compare No Credit Check Credit Cards

Would you like to apply for a no credit check credit card and would like to find one that is suitable for you? We can help. Browse through our website for the different cards available, and determine which is most likely to accept your application. Once you find the right credit card for you, you can use our site to apply for your credit card. Good luck!


Alla Brooks
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