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What are the Challenges Faced by Travel Agents?

What are the Challenges Faced by Travel Agents?

Travel agents are those who work in the sector of travel agencies. A travel agent is someone who organizes excursions for tourists. He provides all of the necessities for tours. It is the responsibility of the travel agency to lead tourists to the best spots. People are usually on the lookout for the greatest travel agent that can properly advise them.

Travel agents, on the other hand, confront numerous challenges that most consumers are unfamiliar with. In this article, we will discuss all the challenges that a travel agent faces.

Here in Pakistan, several travel agents are working in travel agencies. There is a list of travel agents in Pakistan that are in great demand.

Role of a Travel Agents

A travel agent has a lot of roles that they have to perform. They assist their agents in booking and also help them when they face any difficulty. Some of them are given below.

•        They are in charge of making travel arrangements for their clients.

•        They help consumers in deciding on a location, mode of transportation, and other factors in their tour.

•        They help their customers in all circumstances.

•        The travel agent makes direct contact with his customer if his customer feels any difficulty in traveling.

•        Travel agent arranging transportation and lodging arrangements.

•        Customers can simply seek guidance at any time. It is the travel agent's responsibility to provide them with good guidance.

•        Travel agent Provide holiday ideas and convert those recommendations into bookings.

•        Travel agents increase sales by proposing enhancements and improving their customers' vacation experience.

•        Travel agent provides exceptional customer service and handles concerns peacefully and respectfully.

•        A travel agent is given a target in which he works.


Challenges that Face by Travel Agents

A travel agent faces numerous challenges on daily basis. Being a travel agent is not easy. Customers feel that travel agents can work easily but they do not know what challenges they have to go through while doing their work. In Pakistan, many online travel agencies are working and also facing several challenges. Some of the common challenges of a travel agent are mentioned below:

•        Repetitive data entries.

•        Going to deal with any inquiries.

•        Serious mistake.

•        Waste of effort.

•        The risk of not understanding your client's needs.

Repetitive Data Entries.

A travel agency is viewed as an information aggregator. As a travel agent, you acquire a variety of material from several platforms like websites, social media, resellers, etc. The challenge here is to prevent making duplicate records, which means generating the same customer profile again! This is the first and foremost challenge that a travel agent faces.

One can certainly manage with various lead sources without generating duplicate data, and you will need a huge amount of effort and strong communication both inside your team and, if necessary, among various organizations. There is nothing more irritating than sending the very same potential advertisement twice.


Deal with different Inquiries.

The demand for the travel industry is growing with time in Pakistan. Travel agencies and tour operators are flooded with inquiries. It is challenging for the travel agents to arrange their routine without losing anything when they are coming from several places at the same time. So it becomes difficult for them to deal with the different inquiries of the customers.


Serious Mistake.

As you know travel agent has to face different people, different queries, different currencies, payments of clients/suppliers, their due dates, and so on. So along with that, it is essential to make good relations with clients as well. Every kind of customer has to be treated well by the travel agents. They have to understand all kinds of queries of their customers which is challenging.

This is the reason they have to avoid every kind of mistake. Travel agents have to give their customers satisfaction. Their payments have to be made on time without any delay.


Waste of Effort.

Travel agents have a lot of customers, some of whom are service seekers while others came just to get information and make them irritated. Travel agents do not know that these customers are just wasting their effort and time. While travel agents do the same for them as they do for other customers they are unfamiliar with their tactics.

In this way, they have to face the challenges and lose their effort which they could better invest in with a different possibility.

The Risk of Not Understanding Your Client's Needs.

Travel agents have to provide all the facilities to their customers. They must have to fulfill their requirements. They must have complete knowledge of their customers. When their customers ask them something, they have to elaborate on it and provide the material in the best possible way.

Customers asked different queries from their travel agent and he answered them many times but it becomes difficult for the travel agent when they call their customers to book a holiday tour and they keep asking the same questions. This mostly happens when you do not understand your customers' requirements in advance. In this way, this thing becomes a challenge for them because they have to calm themselves in each situation.

International Travel Agencies / Tour Operators

In Pakistan, there is a large number of best international tour companies that are giving all kinds of tours to their customers. Those companies are in great demand. Some of them are given below:

•        Trips. pk

•        ZUFTA Travel and Tours.

•        Bliss Travels & Tours.

•        Sufa International Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd.

•        Adventure Travel Pakistan Company (Travel and Tourism Agency in Lahore)

•        Babaaz Travels and Tours International.

•        Tour Vision Travel.

•        Blue Sky Treks & Tours.


Variety of Task of Travel Agent

A travel agent is responsible for a wide range of tasks. They must go through several circumstances. Online travel agencies are also working day and night to maintain their status and keep their customers up to date. We will talk about their task here, so you may check it out and evaluate its complexity.

•        Advertising and developing the company, responding with consumer inquiries complaints, and concerns is their duty.

•        Travel agents guide visas to customers.

•        They have to recruit, hire and give training to the new employees.

•        They have to maintain the budget.

•        Travel agents have to make a plan before related to tours.

•        They have to sell vacation packages and insurance to the customers.

•        It is their task to promote their marketing material.

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