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Now Zip Past with Your All-New Electric Bike in 2022

Amisha Lohan
Now Zip Past with Your All-New Electric Bike in 2022

When you have that electrifying e-bike, flaunt it! Now you can steer clear from requiring a car at all times. Moreover, substituting cars with e-bikes have helped drivers save a lot of money with delivery expenses. It gives you the experience of effortless riding at almost the same pace as any other vehicle. So, grab the speed with your all-new e-bike. Electric bikes- the future transportation is one of the most trending vehicles these days.


Is the E-Bike Different from E-Bicycle?

Many assume E-bikes and E-bicycles to be the same. However, both are different from each other. Electric bicycles possess pedals, drive chain, seat post, handlebars, and stem. Contrastingly, electric bikes are electric-power battery-operated bikes that are similar to fuel-driven bikes.

However, they do possess a similarity. Both electric bicycles and electric bikes have controllers, a battery system, and a motor. Both are eco-friendly and save you from causing any kind of air or noise pollution. Friendly to your pocket and your environment!

Are Electric Bike prices affordable in India?

Electric bikes are safe and affordable. It is a one-time investment at a very reasonable price as it has a minimal maintenance cost. The price range is vast depending upon the feature the model has to offer. Here are the most striking features to choose from:

●     Electric bikes come with an affordable battery that lasts you from 25 to 50 kilometres after a full charge. The mileage depends on the model you choose.

●     Various e-bikes come with several gear options- single speed series and multi-speed series. Also, you can choose whether you need a suspension or not.

●     E bike comes in variable frame sizes ranging from 13 to 18 inches that are suitable for different age groups.

●     You can choose from over 10 vibrant colours- red, black, grey, blue, cyan, etc.

●     The best models come with a smart RFID bike lock.

Select as per your preferences from a wide range of varieties and features.


Perks of Riding an E-Bike

The reasons to choose an Electric bike are innumerable. Moreover, anyone can buy an e-bike in India by sitting at home online. Moreover, in this technological era, everyone must possess an e-bike to contribute to the environment by reducing pollution. Here are a few key points that will convince you why you should go for e-bikes in India.


●     Save Fuel, Save Energy

Why should you exhaust non-renewable energy sources like petrol and diesel when you have promising alternatives? Why should you spend more than rupees hundred per kilometre when you have the option of 7 paisa/km?

Think about it…

E-bikes are the future of transportation. So, go eco-friendly without causing harm to those around you and even yourself!

●     Easy to Ride

No more pedalling for hours to cover longer distances. Save your energy as well by effortlessly riding an electric bike. Your e-bike comes with an accelerator, just press a button and you need not pedal. So, you do not have to go through any physical strain. Moreover, unlike most of the conventional scooters where one has to apply a kick and then your scooter starts, e-bikes offer the button feature. Press the button and switch to throttle mode.

Additionally, you can save loads of time. With a speed of 25 km/hr, you can reach your destination soon.

●     Suitable for All Age Groups

E-bikes can be driven by all, irrespective of age. From your school going children to your elderly family member, it is safe for everyone. The slim and lightweight features make it a perfect choice not just for you but for anyone in your family.

So, don’t miss the opportunity. Visit the online store or an offline store, whichever is convenient, explore the wide range of options, choose your favorite model, pick the features that suit you the best and check out the e bike price. It is time to get the best electric bike in India!

Amisha Lohan
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