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7 Ways to Avoid Civil Litigation

Joseph Franks
7 Ways to Avoid Civil Litigation

When civil matters are addressed and solved in court, we call it civil litigation. Unlike criminal prosecution, a civil case trial does not involve the government’s interference. The lawsuit is fought between two individuals, two corporations, or individual and corporation. When a business is hit with a civil lawsuit, it may potentially ruin its reputation and result in a huge payout that leaves the company bankrupt. An out-of-court settlement is usually the more feasible solution for both sides, as it saves time and money. If your company has been sued, Civil Litigation Attorney in Lewisburg, WV, can help you initiate damage control and prevent business from collapsing.

While your lawyer can protect your interests a lawsuit, the best practice is to avoid litigation in the first place. Here’s how you keep your business out of the murky waters:

1. Optimize Customer Support

Loyal and regular customers are integral to your business, so pleasing them is your topmost priority. If your customer support services are efficient and effective, you won’t have to worry about unhappy customers and product liability claims. If a customer comes to you with a complaint, try to solve it a way that meets their expectations.

2. Establish Quality Control

If you never compromise on quality, you are unlikely to receive complaints or legal notices that address your non-compliance and resulting penalties. Every product or service you offer needs to meet a set of standards imposed by your state. Conduct appropriate testing procedures before approving your products for marketing and sale. Do not forget to include warnings and instructions on product packaging. If something is not up to par, do not hesitate over initiating corrective action.

3. Improve your Risk Management Routine

Ensure that your business operations are running smoothly and employees are exposed to a safe and nourishing working environment. Timely repairs and replacements will help prevent major mechanical meltdowns and dry spells. Improve your reporting system to eliminate errors and issues immediately. Get your business insured on all fronts to overcome unanticipated disasters, whilst preserving financial stability.

4. No Violations

Every business is subject to certain legal obligations and limitations. Violating or bending the rules and regulations may seem like a good idea when it allows a business to generate greater profits. However, when your illegal practices are exposed, you may expect severe sanctions and extravagant fines. Your violations will cost you a lot more than the benefits they currently supply.

5. Partner with a Legal Firm

Hiring an attorney to overlook your business affairs from the start is the best way to stay out of legal trouble. They will keep your company policies up-to-date, eliminate risks, review and modify documentation, draft foolproof contracts/agreements, and protect you from fraudsters.

6. Revise your Paperwork

If your company’s paperwork is flawless, nobody will dare engage you in civil litigation. Your agreements and transactions should be transparent and comprehensive, so that nobody gets the opportunity to question your integrity.

7. Negotiate and Settle

Sometimes mistakes and mishaps happen, even when you are treading most cautiously and completely abiding by the law. When something like this happen, do not panic and retaliate aggressively. Co-operate with the opponent and negotiate politely. Let your attorney settle the matter on your behalf instead of taking the law in your own hands.

Joseph Franks
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