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How to Get a Driving License at Official Legit Document?

How to Get a Driving License at Official Legit Document?

From our personal experience, we can tell you that different rules apply to a Spanish driver's license depending on which country you are from. Some drivers are allowed to keep their own or just replace it with a Spanish one, which is called "permiso de condusir". Certificates issued in certain countries are non-exchangeable, so these people must take the Spanish driving test, which has both practical and theoretical sections.


Coming from South Africa, for example, I can't just swap my driver's license for a Spanish one because Spain doesn't have an agreement or (convenio) with South Africa for that matter.

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UK CITIZENS: Please note that from 1 January 2021 we are unfortunately

no longer able to help in changing SIM UNLESS you contact the DGT before December 31 to inform you of your intention to make an exchange.

Who has an EU SIM?

The exchange procedure for EU driving license holders is governed by EU agreements and is very clear. One important thing to note is that before changing your license you will need a green NIE card (EU Certificado de registro de ciudadano). Depending on the circumstances (e.g., when the license expires), the process may be considered an extension, in which case a medical examination is required. This is simple hand and eye coordination.

Those with a UK license:

The latest news we have on this is that UK citizens have until the end of 2020 to change their driver's license. As you know, since July (2020) the process of getting an NIE is also getting more complicated if you are new. Therefore, we advise you to speed up this procedure. The exchange itself should be the same as the current EU license, but as mentioned if you don't have NIE already, the process of getting it now takes a little longer. That's why we advise you to start doing this as early as possible. At this point, a UK driver's license is considered a third country driving license and further will depend on whether there is an additional agreement or not but without approval the entire driving test must be passed as if he had never driven.

From a non-EU country:

  • You can drive with your original driver's license for up to 6 months after you are granted Spanish residency status.
  • If you drive with this original booklet, you should always carry a Spanish translation with you.

There are several exchange agreements between Spain and several other countries (Switzerland, South Korea, and Japan as well as some South American countries) that allow easy exchange after the first 6 months have passed. Those from countries not on the list must pass the Spanish driving test.

  • A non-EU driver's license conversion is similar to an EU driver's license but includes a psychological fitness certificate, which is issued after a medical examination. Depending on the type of vehicle you are allowed to drive, additional tests may apply.
  • Each pilot starts with 12 points but can be increased to 15 points without a foul. Points are deducted for each trip. A list of different violations and corresponding points can be obtained from the local traffic office.

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