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7 Common habits that can harm kidneys

 7 Common habits that can harm kidneys

To detect renal function, a kidney function test is often performed in pathology labs by taking blood samples. In Delhi, there are many such labs, including "Redcliffe Labs," a chain of high-tech pathology labs that has branches all over the country. The company also offers kidney function test in Delhi, like other centres.

The cost of the kidney function test may vary from one place to another. The "Redcliffe Labs" offer reasonable prices along with their best services for the welfare of people. Thus, kidney function test cost in Delhi, including other such centres, offer an affordable range of tests.

Our kidneys exist on the posterior side of the lower abdomen, where the left kidney is at a slightly higher place than the right kidney due to the position of the liver.

Our kidneys play a vital role in our overall health. They eliminate waste and excess fluid from the body, maintain acid-base balance, regulate hormonal levels, and also control blood pressure. Therefore, it is very important to keep our kidneys healthy.

But unfortunately, our lifestyle and some awful habits can impact kidney health and may cause long-term risks. Here we are enlisting a few common habits that can harm your kidneys:

1. Excessive use of painkillers-

Overuse of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which are mostly available as over-the-counter painkillers, doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription, so it is one of the most common causes of kidney ailments.

2. Foods with a high salt content-

High salt intake in the diet and ready-to-use food items is another harmful habit that may cause high blood pressure, which may also harm the kidneys. These processed foods are significantly loaded with sodium-containing salts, which is another cause of kidney problems.

3. Insufficient water intake-

Insufficient water intake dehydrates the kidneys, which can pile up toxins in the body. Thus, drinking enough water is the best way to remove toxins, and it also prevents kidney stone formation.

4. Excessive non-vegetarian consumption-

Eating non-vegetarian food in excess may cause acidosis, which is also responsible for kidney problems.

5. Consuming high-sugar-containing foods-

High sugar intake is linked with obesity and may contribute to high blood pressure and diabetes-like illnesses. Such a clinical condition also affects the kidneys.

6. Excessively smoking and drinking-

We know that smoking is harmful to the lungs and heart, but it is equally harmful to the kidneys because frequent smokers are more likely to have more proteinuria, which in turn leads to kidney damage. And in the same way, excessive alcohol drinking may cause kidney problems

7. Sedentary lifestyle-

Low physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle directly impact the kidneys, since moderate physical activity improves the metabolism and keeps obesity at bay as well.

Now you can understand how vital it is to take care of your kidneys as they have an amazing filtering system. And without its proper function, it is not easy to survive.

For more information and to book a kidney function test, kindly go through the website of “Redcliffe Labs” and contact the numbers displayed here.

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