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How astrology helps in problems after love marriage

How astrology helps in problems after love marriage

There are love marriage prediction astrologers who will check your horoscope and suggest its solution. If you do not have a birth chart, use online sites by entering your time and date of birth. It will help in making a horoscope for you. There are astrologers who can check the love marriage prediction by date of birth. If you don't want to go to any astrologer then check it online.

Here are some of the causes of problems that occur between couples.

Financial stability

If you are planning to have a love marriage then the most important thing is financial stability. When we were kids we used to say that money can't buy everything, but believe me, money can buy everything and anything, and most importantly, you will get status in society.


In addition to financial instability, you also have to be self-sufficient as a couple. What I mean to say is "no one is going to help you" or "half-heartedly will help you" in emergencies or any other part of life like health problems, children's education, etc. For all your help in the initial years, you will hear the same dialogue, if you are married then take care of yourself. So, be mentally prepared to face any kind of problems as a couple, without the help of others.

Respect Everyone

This is such a simple suggestion but hard to follow. Usually in a love marriage, there is constant pressure on the couple from families and society, leading to frustration and fighting. Sometimes it's better to keep quiet when another partner is complaining. There is no need to answer everything. Your 30 seconds of silence will save you 30 minutes of fighting and 1 day of bad mood. You have to understand that as a couple you only have to find the solution.

Make sacrifices

We live in a patriarchal society and our mindset is greatly affected by it. So there is always a thought in the mind of boys that why should they sacrifice something, it is the duty of girls to take care of children, wash dishes, cook food and sacrifice something when needed (like leaving a job). But you have to understand that you have to manage the whole thing as a couple and hence should also be ready to sacrifice the guy if the need arises.

Life will never be the same again

Maybe you are the brightest student, the coolest dancer, or the one your parents were once proud of, the moment you announce your love marriage, all these things will go to the trash. Now you are just an unruly child going against the will of your parents. So, you will always hear taunts. Don't be sad or disappointed.

Family Matters

 If you want do not overdo your purity of mind in family matters like a marriage of your brother/sister/cousin as there are high chances that you will hear sarcastic remarks which will make you sad.

Keep equal distance from both the families

In almost all love marriages, both families are never comfortable. So, as you/your wife gets closer to one family, the other family will comment on you/your wife. So it is better to maintain equal distance from both the families and do not indulge too much in your brother or sister-in-law's finances/marriage or any other thing related to your in-law's family.

Here are some of the reasons for problems between a couple as per astrology:

  • If the position of planets in your horoscope is in 1st, 7th, 8th, 12th, 4th, 10th, 6th, 2nd, 11th house then it is responsible for problems in married life. Each house has its own lord and will also consider the matching between these lords and your partner.

  • Some horoscopes may have Mangal dosha, Kaalsarp dosha, etc., then these can also create problems in marriage.

  • Mercury, Venus, and Moon can cause trouble in married life and sometimes their position in your birth chart can make it difficult to bring happiness in that life.

  • Mars and Sun are responsible for frequent quarrels between couples.

  • Weak Moon and Venus are responsible for the lack of attraction between couples

  • The positions of Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Saturn are responsible for divorce and Rahu is responsible for extramarital affairs in marriage.

Here are some great solutions to solve your problems

  • Chanting 108 Naam Shivaya daily in front of Lord Shiva or at home can bring positivity to your relationship.

  • If you can observe a Monday fast, it will also help you get rid of the problem of quarrels between couples.

  • You can keep 11 Gomti Chakras in a box of red vermilion.

  • Wearing a diamond ring after marriage maintains harmony in married life

  • Wearing white clothes and offering a red rose flower at a religious place can make your life happy and prosperous after marriage.


There are love marriage astrologers who can check the love marriage prediction by date of birth. If you do not want to go to an astrologer then you can take online astrology consultation.

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