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What role does housekeeping service play in Health departments?

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What role does housekeeping service play in Health departments?

Hospitals, being one of society's most essential institutions, play a vital part in both the individual's and society's lives. Infection control in hospitals is necessary as well as a collaborative approach. One of the professional groups that make up this team is housekeeping, which is responsible for infection control and sanitation. Housekeeping services are operations that strive to make a hospital's environment healthy, clean, orderly, safe, and enjoyable by maximizing the amenities available. Cleaning services at hospitals that are carried out in accordance with specified guidelines not only improve the morale, welfare, and safety of patients but also prevent many places from becoming a source of infection.


Germs and infections spread like wildfire. This is especially true in places like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and medical centres, where people are more likely to contract these infections. People with injuries, septic infections, and ailments line the halls of hospitals. Patients, as well as their family members, friends, nurses, and even physicians, are in danger of contracting germs, viruses, and infections.


The Housekeeping Department has a distinctive role in modern hospital administration in terms of hospital cleaning, infection control, sanitation, and décor, as well as the supervision of housekeeping staff. A lot of factors impact the progression of hospital infections. Controlling germs and, as a result, infections in hospitals is a multidisciplinary problem. As a result, professional housekeeping services should be available in every hospital.


Importance of Housekeeping service in Health departments


Infectious Diseases- In a hospital, housekeeping aid in the prevention of disease transmission. Bacteria are stubborn microorganisms. It can live in almost any environment. It's on bed rails, curtains, and call buttons, among other things. It also lasts for a long period. If someone touches these surfaces without washing their hands, the bacteria spreads to everything he or she comes into contact with. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," may persist on surfaces for months. Hospitals have also been infiltrated by these potentially lethal pests. And housekeeping departments are responsible for round-the-clock cleaning & disinfection.

Prevention from dust & dirt Is a must - In order to avoid infection in a healthcare setting such as a hospital, cleanliness is vital. Housekeeping services that collaborate with other workers and patients can help prevent infections. Housekeepers are important contributors to a hospital's overall environmental health.

Cleaning & Disinfecting- The phrases "cleaning" and "disinfection" are not interchangeable. Prior to disinfection, the area should be cleaned. Housekeeping specialists employ soap, water, enzymes, and scrubbing motion to remove grime, dust, and foreign matter from objects.

If the cleaning isn't up to grade, disinfection will be ineffective. As a general rule, hospital housekeeping endower clean according to the following formula: Clean = no smudges, dust, smells, or stains. Clean places are disinfected using disinfectants. Sanitizers are mainly made of chlorine, phenol, or iodine and are used in food preparation areas such as kitchens where food-borne pathogen levels must be kept low.


Infection prevention is another vital aspect -Diseases including typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis B have become more common in recent years, according to healthcare experts and patients. In a hospital, preventing infection from these and other illnesses is critical. The housekeeping services personnel understands that these dangers are magnified if the hospital environment isn't kept as clean and sanitary as feasible. They render one of the most critical functions at a hospital.


Time management- Hospitals and other healthcare institutions operate at a breakneck speed. Housekeeping can help hospitals increase their throughput by cleaning rooms thoroughly and promptly from the moment a patient enters the hospital until he or she is discharged. This necessitates effective time management and the capacity to transition quickly from one work to the next.


Value recognition- The ability to recognize the worth of one's labour is one of the characteristics that distinguish the top healthcare service providers. They understand how important it is for them to be on the front lines of infection prevention. Despite this, they are prepared to risk their lives on a daily basis. They believe in the value of their job in saving lives, thus they give it their all, following the right processes and regulations at all times, and never sacrificing the quality of their work.


Attention to detail- Cleaning a hospital setting requires a high level of attention to detail. Because viruses, germs, and other pathogens are invisible, housekeeping staff members must maintain track of their cleaning techniques and procedures to avoid missing a surface.


Reliability & Safety with Flexible Scheduling- The pace of life at a hospital never slows down. It also works at strange hours. As a result, at our firm, we provide customizable cleaning schedules based on your needs. Our hospital housekeeping service prioritizes patient, employee, and visitor safety. We also utilize chemicals like iodoform, phenols, chlorine, and other iodine-based solutions with extreme caution, especially in the kitchen, pantry, and meal/mess areas.


Excellent Cleaning Formula & High-Quality Systems of Germ Control

Bacteria, parasites, and pathogens can travel from one place to another. They become much more obstinate in a hospital setting. Let's assume someone touches a patient's wound dressing and then forgets to wash their hands. Now, any intimate touches you make will leave an indelible imprint of the germs brought from the wound site. With this in mind, our housekeeping services are tailored to pay close attention to the smallest of details. 

Every nook and cranny are meticulously cleaned, including dustbins, beds, bed rails, curtains, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, labs, cabins, test machines, phones, and call buttons. Walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and glass are dusted, mopped, and cleaned to a gleaming finish while eliminating antiseptic odours’ harsh, bitter overtones.


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