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Shams Power Solar Panel System: An Innovative Breakthrough in Energy Management

Shams Power
Shams Power Solar Panel System: An Innovative Breakthrough in Energy Management

With the introduction of clean energy policies and grid-connected solar installations, Pakistan is taking a big step towards making its people more energy-efficient. Last year, the government repealed a 32.5 percent tax on imported solar equipment from other countries. The purpose of the reversal is to reduce solar installation costs in Pakistan. However, many people still hesitate to install solar panel systems.


In recent years, the private sector has been importing solar panels. Taxes on solar panels have fueled this growth. The government also intends to introduce a net-metering scheme to encourage solar energy in Pakistan. Net-metering will help consumers buy solar panels and allow the government to bridge the power shortfall in the country. Moreover, Bank Alfalah Limited is now offering solar panel financing to residential and commercial owners.



Alfalah and Guarantco to invest in 21MW solar power plants in Pakistan with the help of shams power


Sham Power Solar Panel System will get funding from Bank Alfalah in the form of a 10-year term loan of PKR 2 billion, backed by the State Bank of Pakistan's Renewable Energy Refinancing Scheme. Shams Power and GuarantCo have also agreed to new cooperation worth PKR 1.5 billion, which would help Shams Power raise further loans in 2022 to build another 21 MW of distributed solar plants.

The projects will boost Pakistan's energy efficiency by generating clean energy close to the point of consumption, reducing line losses and losses connected to the national grid, and stabilizing the system during peak hours. In addition, by delivering clean solar energy, Shams Power helps to reduce carbon emissions and has a beneficial influence on climate change mitigation.

With over 517,000 megawatts of hydropower potential, Pakistan can generate more than 1,000,000 megawatts of renewable energy. In addition, the country's high levels of solar irradiation make it possible to harvest more than one million megawatts of solar PV electricity. The Islamic Republic of Islamabad is perfect for installing a solar panel system. The government's energy policy has made it a priority to create a clean energy future.

The demand for solar panels in corporate sector


Solar panels are being invested in by a growing number of companies worldwide. It's because of a lot of factors. For one thing, solar module efficiency has recently increased dramatically. In addition, with governments setting aggressive net-zero objectives, businesses are also increasing pressure to use environmentally friendly electricity solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Corporations need to understand if solar system is costing the owner instead of benefiting him fully. They are things that businesses may do to maintain the efficiency of their solar panels. 

The major methods are as follows: one can increase the efficiency of their solar panels, improve their proficiency, and generate the most appropriate amount of power.

The Most Effective Methods for Improving Solar Panel Efficiency

The recommended strategies for increasing the efficiency of panels are listed below.


  • Invest in one of the more efficient solar panel models

Solar modules are made up of photovoltaic cells, which convert solar energy into useful electricity. Even if ideal, a PV module could not convert all of the solar energy it receives into electricity. The efficiency of a solar panel refers to how much energy it transforms from the total sunshine it absorbs into electricity. Solar cell technology has advanced dramatically in the last five years, with typical solar cell productivity-increasing from around 15% to moreover than 20%. However, not all solar plates are created equal, and the material and design of a model determine its performance (and cost). So you can purchase the most efficient panels, which retain their productivity and efficiency even after 25 years of deterioration. Shams power is one of the leading solar energy companies in Pakistan that offers cost-effective and hassle-free solar solutions all over Pakistan.

  • Avoid putting solar panels in shady areas

Because solar plates generate electricity from sunlight, it's a good sign that shadows reduce power output. In any event, many people are unaware of the effect of the shadow on solar module manufacturing. Even if one solar cell is hidden, it can impact the energy generated by its neighbors.

It's because solars function as a resistor. Tall trees and various buildings pose the two main issues with shading solar panels. Invest time and effort in planning the procedure, analyzing the site, and ensuring that shadows are not an issue. Make sure you're not putting modules in a place where they'll be hidden by trees or construction.

  • Always choose professionals for Solar panel services 

PV panels that aren't appropriately installed won't get the right amount of light and will produce less power. The direction and the point are two crucial considerations to make during the installation of your solar panels. For the most severe daylight openness, solar plates should be set between 18 and 36 degrees. If you live on the northern side of the equator, you should have your panels facing south. In the same way, if you're on the southern side of the equator, they should point north.

Temperature levels, incidentally, impact solar panel efficiency to some extent. As the temperature rises, the adequacy of solar modules may decrease. But on the other hand, it allows for easy air development and prevents overheating your photovoltaic solar panels. If you're not aware of all of this, it's probably worth enlisting the help of a solar company to install your solar panels so that you get the most out of them.


  • Using energy monitoring software, you can keep track of your solar panel yield.

Many individuals install solar panels and then stop monitoring their solar energy system's performance once the first output is sufficient. This is a problem because if you don't monitor the energy generated by your panels, you won't know when their efficiency will decrease. Connecting your panels to the energy management software provided by your solar solution supplier is one way to keep track of your system's production levels. This allows you to track the yield over time and identify any unexpected decreases. As a result, more individuals than ever before are investing in solar panel systems to save money on power costs while also reducing their impact on the environment.

Solar Panels: How Long Do They Last?

However, if solar energy modules aren't correctly installed, maintained, and monitored, you're unlikely to achieve the best results in terms of solar system power generation.


These tips should help you improve the efficiency of your solar panel system over time and maintain optimal performance levels, allowing you to save money and gain additional advantages. Shams Power is one of the best solar energy companies in Pakistan, with complete solar solutions from financing to installation maintenance to monitoring. 

To get a free consultation on how you can reduce your energy bills, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at +92 341 7426777. Our solar specialists can assist you in making the most cost-effective solar system purchase.

Shams Power
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