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How a General Contractor Provides Quality Control

Jordan Petrich
How a General Contractor Provides Quality Control

Monitor The Timeline

One of the ways that a general contractors Austin TX, provides quality control is by monitoring and overseeing the construction timeline; you know what this means, right? Better budgeting. The project completion schedule is important because it gives us a good idea of just how long the project will take to complete in its entirety. However, while an estimated budget and actual cost are important things to keep track of during the building process, one must make sure that they are also keeping tabs on other key factors at play, such as delayed work or even weather-related setbacks.

A construction manager keeps an eye on the projected timeline to know when building materials will be ready. If they're not supposed to be delivered until later, but a crew member realizes that he's short on building materials, he can contact the Remodeling contractor Austin directly and receive the required supplies immediately. The general contractors Austin TX, also keep track of all the building materials used during construction and make sure that unused and expired items are promptly removed from the job site (and recycled when possible) to reduce the possibility of someone stealing them. A general contractor also ensures that every team member working has useful things to do by providing them with a list of simple tasks if there is nothing else for them to build at any given moment.

Qualifies Sub-Contractors

While a general contractor does indeed oversee the work on your project, a more important role is to do their best to make sure all secondary contractors are up to standards. While it's certainly possible that you could go with each individual directly, there is no one better suited than a general contractor to act as a liaison between one and the smaller workers in your project as they will have experience working alongside them on previous jobs, thereby making them qualified enough to assess whether or not they can meet the set standard of using only those capable, trusted entities who specialize in what they do.

When hiring a contractor, take some time to find out who they are and what they can offer you regarding their different services. You can ask for references. And most importantly, try to figure out how long the company has been in business. It will give you an idea of how stable it is financially – which is crucial for your peace of mind!

Oversees The Building Plans

With many different subcontractors working on different building parts, it is easy to lose track of the overall goal. A general contractor makes sure that every sub-contractor who steps foot on the construction site knows the plan for their section and takes a hands-on role in monitoring the progress of their assigned sections to ensure they remain in line with the blueprints laid down the architect.

Checks Completed Work

The best general contractors always stick around and routinely check the progress of the building. Unannounced checks usually take place, while scheduled checks must be pre-arranged. Take an electrician, for example. The contract between him and the contractor doesn't involve a checklist of tasks, but it does involve letting the manager know when he has completed some given task that needs to be checked. The same goes for fixtures and materials that must be ordered as part of his work at specific times during the process.

It is important to understand that a building inspector will inspect a lot of the work completed by sub-contractors. If the inspections are up to par, construction can be halted or delayed. Having a general contractors Austin TX, inspect it first helps prevent this from happening and ensures corrections or changes happen before a building inspector comes to inspect the completed project.

When you need a commercial general contractors Austin TX, turn to us at Dominion Remodeling & Construction, Inc. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment to discuss your construction needs and how we can help you.  

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Jordan Petrich
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