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Top Wedding Catering Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

Top Wedding Catering Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

Indian weddings have always been entertaining and culturally rich, where you experience an influx of different traditions as the bride and groom come together to tie the knot. Nowadays, wedding themes comprise not just the mix of diverse cultures in India but have also mainly started incorporating certain western practices making the entire occasion a surreal and unforgettable experience.

More than meeting and blessing the bride and groom, the food at the wedding venue attracts your guests since people love tasting the exotic dishes and enjoying the services of your caterers. That is why you must only hire the best catering services provider for your wedding, especially those that have experience in catering to the type of celebration you’ve planned. Hiring a good caterer is just one aspect of planning your wedding, even if it’s a major one. You also need to know the latest wedding catering trends to impress the guests and remain in your A-game so that everyone enjoys the ceremony as much as the bride and groom. Here are a few new trends that will rule the marriage catering industry in 2022.

A Menu That Tells a Story

Nowadays, the menu for any marriage function doesn’t just comprise a combination of traditional and modern dishes. A thorough plan is charted out to decide when and what food will be served. It is often inspired by the story of the wedding couple’s blossoming love or something they wish to portray through food. The couple might want to better connect with their guests by portraying their love story through the wood that’s being served. And with theme-based marriages taking center stage even in 2022, the food must also be prepared accordingly. After all, you cannot have a menu that serves South Indian food in a Rajasthani-themed wedding.

Zero-Waste Cuisines

One thing that the pandemic has taught us is the importance of food and the havoc it can cause to people who can’t get much. And weddings are one occasion where a lot of food goes to waste. This trend is certainly going to change in 2022, wherein the wedding planner and caterer must sit together and forge a plan to ensure there’s zero food wastage. It can be through smaller servings, individual portions, and interactive food stations where guests get to know what they can expect from the food they are about to eat, separate tasting counters.

Going Local

Rather than ordering exquisite cuisines from across the world, most weddings will now focus on procuring the raw materials from locals to keep food fresh. Some couples may even request the Chefs to cook local specialties so that the guests get to know more about the local culture of where the wedding’s being held. Partnering with restaurants and marriage caterers that support local communities will be a key highlight. Along with the caterers, supply chain managers will also be rated to ensure the highest hygiene standards during meal preparation.

Personalized Wedding Menus

Another wedding trend that’s fast sprouting up is the personalized wedding menus. Here the couple’s favourite foods are added to the appetizers and entrées. Moreover, they get to sit down with the chefs and customize their favorite dishes according to their preferences with the intent to relay their stories through food. So, for example, if the bride and groom met on a train journey, their food could comprise of different elements that highlight that first meeting. Couples will also tend to customize the names of different dishes to symbolize their love story and better connect with their guests. Instead of the menu, newlyweds will also be seen relaying their love story through a customized wedding cake.

Private Chef Experience

One wedding trend on the rise is hiring private chefs to make gourmet foods or a personalized tasting menu. Hiring a private chef may be a tad bit expensive, but you need not hire them for the entire wedding. A personal chef experience can be enjoyed for just one meal too, either for snacks or desserts. To add some twist and make the private chef experience more budget-friendly, you can make arrangements with your wedding caterer to send some Chefs to the wedding venue. These chefs can then prepare their delicacies right in front of the guests, thus making your wedding a livelier and more unique.

In A Nutshell

Weddings in India are an extravagant affair. Although the pandemic has reduced the crowds and made marriages more personalized, the main focus is still on impressing every guest. The ambiance, services, hygiene, and food quality all play a significant role in making weddings successful. And to accomplish that, you need to hire wedding catering services that offer impeccable services in every domain. To save your valuable time, and help you find the best caterer in your vicinity, simply visit Bluebellcaterer.in - a site with thousands of verified caterers and service providers all across the country.

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