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Susanna Gunn


In today’s busy, scheduled, and fast-moving world, the increased on-screen time has ultimately led to severe vision problems in adults and children alike. Though consulting an ophthalmologist seems to solve your problems, let me tell you, this is only a short-time solution wherein you are forced to wear glasses or use medicines lifelong. Here comes the role of the alternative method known as Lasik. 

LASIK surgery often called laser eye surgery or laser vision correction is a one-stop solution to your vision problems. It has now been a standard method undergone by several people. With the help of laser eye surgery, we can correct myopia and hyperopia along with repositioning and shaping the cornea. This very eye surgery is carried out on all, regardless of their age. However, the ideal candidate to approach for a LASIK treatment could be of age 18 or above. It is also necessary to remember that pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers, or people with autoimmune diseases, glaucoma, are advised not to undergo this treatment, as it may cause complications during the healing procedure. 

Benefits Of LASIK Eye Surgery

With the advancement in technology and increased awareness regarding LASIK, many people are now undergoing LASIK eye surgery. The surgeon accesses the eyes through a corneal flap tissue which gets flapped back to its original position and re-bonds right after the surgery. The whole procedure of the surgery is not only painful, but it also promises a fast and permanent recovery with no bandages or cuts required during the surgery.

An added benefit of this procedure includes adjusting the vision according to our desire in the future. It is quite common that our vision gets changed with aging and may require some modifications. The laser treatment provides an opportunity for it, too, helping to change the vision depending on our needs.

LASIK is also the best choice for those suffering from elegy because of the usage of contact lenses or seasonal allergies. Undergoing LASIK treatment, most people bid goodbye to their boring glasses and lead a confident life. It helps to improve vision issues such as short-sight, long-sight, and astigmatism. Most people experience an improved result within 24-48 hours of the surgery, while sometimes it may take up to one week for the actual result to be brought in. However, post-laser eye surgery care plays a significant role in recovery.

Tips For Post Lasik Surgery Care 

You must take special care and precautions right after the surgery to retain the result of Lasik eye surgery lifelong. Some of the most important tips are:

  • Minimize your screen time. Starring your eyes into the screen right after the surgery may cause severe side effects. Hence try avoiding or reducing the on-screen time to one hour per day.
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Increase the quantity of green leafy vegetables and food rich in vitamin A, C, and E.
  • Do not apply any cosmetic products under the eye or near the eye for at least two weeks as it may cause allergy and itching into your eyes.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures affects your eyes quickly. Hence, use an eye shield, dark glasses, or sunglasses to avoid exposure to bright light and extreme climates.
  • Restrict physical activities that require strenuous efforts and strain. Let your eyes and body get ample rest for a few days.
  • Follow a popper sleeping schedule and give utmost rest to your eyes during the recovery period.

Although it is a permanent solution, the Lasik treatment is not a fast result-giving procedure. Hence, it takes time for you to experience the actual result of the surgery. A slight itching, cloudiness, burning sensation, or redness is expected right after the surgery. The vision is likely to get blurred, and you may experience haziness. However, the patients can feel the new change within less than one week.


Lasik being a long and complex process, post-LASIK eye surgery requires specific care and precautions. Ignorance of the same may result in further complications. Approaching an expert LASIK eye specialist at the right time will surely let you get rid of your spectacle. The Lasik treatment saves a lot of money compared to the cost for lenses, frames, monthly checkups, etc. It also gives a new look to your body and helps in boosting your self-confidence.

Experience the world through a better and more focused vision!

Susanna Gunn
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