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Significance of Oracle Database

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Significance of Oracle Database

In today’s world, AI & Analytics helps an organization to navigate their supply chain & the challenges enable them to resilient the supply chain with improved visibility & chains. However, if you want to pursue this career, then  Oracle Online Training helps you to give online training that enhances your skills. It is a computer technology corporation that is known as a software product like Java. It includes four main business segments cloud & license, hardware & services. Moreover, it exchanges cloud-engineering services & systems & database management systems. Almost, over a decade the company has set up with Google committed copyright when it is useful for the elements of Java in the programming code of the Android System. Our main mission is to help people to see the data in a new way, discover the insights, unlock the endless possibilities. 

Marketing Strategies of Oracle 

Subdivision helps us to understand the different customer profiles & their needs. However, it uses demographic & geographic segmentation. They are varied from the industry & the size. Therefore, it uses to differentiate the strategies of the target. Oracle is known as a pioneer in the database management system. Similarly, it has been in integration with a cloud service system that helps the customers in securing, retrieving & manipulating the data.  

Nowadays, most of the companies are continuously increasing in the research of the development activities. Other than this, if we see the report Oracle has invested $5.8 billion as compared to $5.5 billion in the year 2015 & $5.2 billion in the year 2014 to enhance its existing files of offering & development of the new technologies. 

Features of Oracle

It offers the following features to meet the requirements of Oracle:

  • Scalability & Performance requires to control the data consistency & concurrency which are examined by Oracle. It is a multi-user database & its features are Real Application Clustering & Portability to make an Oracle database according to the usage. 
  • Availability refers to the Real-Time applications using high data availability. They are formed to perform computing environments to provide all-time data availability. 
  • Backup & Recovery feature to recover the data from almost all kinds of failures. The need for a database is to recover within high availability. Most of the parts are available while overblown parts get recovered.    
  • Security of the data always is the top priority. It provides the mechanism to control the data access & usage. Implementing the authorization & editing the actions of the user prevents an authorization & allows distinct access to the user. 

Benefits of Oracle Data Base

Following are the advantages of Oracle Database: -

1. Performance helps to get a high hierarchy of database performance. Through this, it increases an inquiry in executive time & operations similar to the performance of optimization techniques in the database.

2. Portability is different from other platforms. Like we can use around 20 networking protocols, in the same way, we use 100 hardware protocols. It makes it straightforward to write an Oracle application by making changes in OS & hardware.

3. Back up & Recovery helps to take a backup of your entire oracle online. It is easy to accomplish quickly by using RMAN (Recovery Manager). It also recovers all the files. It can be useful for online backups, achieved backups & continuous archives.

4. PL/SQL helps to support PL/SQL extensions for cultural programs.

Why Should We Use Oracle?

It is database software management that contains an organized collection of information that is useful for storing the data but besides it, it provides high performance, access to authorization, & recovers the features of failures. It provides a software solution that is easy to use & manages all database operations, from Personal to Enterprise level applications.

Job Opportunities for Oracle

 If you want to pursue your career in this field, then you should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science & Mathematics. Along with this, you should have working knowledge in SQL/ PL, programming experience in core Java, fundamentals of Database Concepts & Workflow. It also enhances the profile of a person who is interested in this profile. 


Overall, Oracle is a new technology that has upgraded in the market. They have come with a variety of features in which most of the features are not coverable by the developer. For the developer, it is not the key requirement. But if the person works as a database role administrator that they should have to know about the admin changes on each version. Well, to be precise there are lots of Oracle Training Institute in Delhi that are being set up to provide information regarding this particular course. Candidates must opt for this course.   

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