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Smart Led Light – What To Know Before Purchasing One

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Smart Led Light – What To Know Before Purchasing One

From what you have heard online and from other people, you can clearly state that smart lights are gaining worldwide popularity these days. This is just the right time to fill your house with the beauty of smart light bulbs and switches. But, before you end up purchasing smart led light, focusing on some points will be your great call to address. So, read till the end of this article for making better choices later in life with the smart LED lights.

You need to focus on the platform first:

Before you even purchase smart lights, the very first thing to consider is the platform, which you want to use for controlling the lights. Most of the lights will have their own apps, which will let you group the lights together and then schedule them to just turn on and off at specified times. 

  • But, there are chances that you want to smarten up more than just the lights. For that, you need a wider smart home platform to handle different devices that you might end up using.
  • You can pair the smart lights with the voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa, which will make your life a whole lot easier. It results in a capable connected home controlling point, mainly if you want to put a smart display or speaker in a central home position.
  • In case you have any of these devices, then adding lights that the assistant can control is not a difficult task. Moreover, you can use them alongside things like smart security systems, thermostats, and cameras.

You have to focus on the hub as well:

You should know that smart lights like the WiFi LED bulbs will be using wireless transmissions for sending and then receiving their signals. Various bulbs will be using different methods for getting the job done.

  • Some of the models might be using the built-in Wi-Fi radios for establishing direct connections to the router. It helps you to remotely control them with internet accessibility.
  • Then you have Bluetooth radios for directly connecting the lights with your phone within a range of 50 feet or so. 
  • For controlling bulbs from further distances, you will have to go for the Wi-Fi hub. It helps in relaying the signals to the router and on with the help of the cloud.

Check-in with the brand name:

Well, this forms an important part whenever you are dealing with Smart lights or bulbs for the first time. There are so many brand names and companies claiming to offer you the best device. But, you need to choose the best one among the lot. 

Check out the years of working experience of these companies first and then focus on what the previous customers have to say about their services. Depending on the reviews and testimonials, you can make the right choice. So, focus on these points right away for quality results by your side. You will be amazed at the multiple options waiting for you to grab over here. 

Lighting Philips
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