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5 Reasons Homeowners Choose Vinyl Siding

Michael Dorsey
5 Reasons Homeowners Choose Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the most popular category of exterior finishing materials. It appeared on the market not so long ago and has already managed to win a wide audience of fans.

The Core Features of the Material

The regarded product is designed for facade cladding and imitates wood paneling or natural stone. The material is produced based on vinyl mass (polyvinyl chloride), to which plasticizers, dyes, and color stabilizers are added.

Ready-made products have a matte finish that does not require additional painting.

For a house finished with the regarded product, the material must be resistant to acids and alkalis, which are a frequent guest in the polluted air of a modern metropolis. Vinyl is absolutely resistant to water and practically does not rot. Temperature differences cause minimal changes in size.  

Siding is used to finish the walls and plinth of living premises, filing the roof and other protruding parts. Skilled vinyl siding installers cope with repairs quickly and provide house owners with quality and durable designs. 

5 Reasons to Finish your House with Vinyl Material

1.The material is perfectly resistant to moisture and UV rays

The material has perfect physical characteristics that allow it to repel moisture. The product has no restrictions on the application; it will come in handy for any wall of the house, including the basement. It is very difficult for all sorts of organic organisms to stay on the surface of vinyl siding; thus, it will remain clean for a long time.

An important feature of the material is the ability to withstand ultraviolet rays. Vinyl siding practically does not lose color brightness throughout its service life and is perfect for areas with many sunny days.

2.The service life of the product is about 30 years

The service life of any material depends on the correct installation and operating conditions. But if you follow all the rules of vinyl siding installation, you can forget about servicing the facade of your living premises for 30 years. Goods produced from this material do not need to be painted or treated with special compounds. In this regard, its properties are close to steel.

Note that the service life indicated by different manufacturers can differ. The indicator will depend on the technologies used and the quality of raw materials. Basement siding is considered to be the most durable since it is designed for application in aggravated environment conditions with high humidity and sudden temperature changes. It resists well not only water but also fire.

3.Vinyl siding is flame-retardant and durable

Although the material cannot boast of absolute incombustibility, like steel siding, it shows better performance compared to all types of plastic. It does not flare up immediately after starting a fire. High temperatures of 150-220°C make the material melt. Vinyl siding will not withstand an open flame – its flammability class is G2, but it will not spread fire either.

Durability and construction strength are also higher than the properties of plastics. Make sure that no vinyl siding repair will be needed in the case of the ball hitting the wall. Yet, you should be much more careful in winter. At low temperatures, vinyl becomes more brittle.

4.A wide palette of colors and patterns

Perhaps, vinyl siding offers the richest choice of colors, patterns, and surfaces. For living premises, brick-like vinyl siding is the most popular. Manufacturers offer a wide range of patterns of this type. These include antique brick, classic red, yellow, and many others. Each brick will be embossed on a plate.

There are also a huge variety of options for vinyl siding that imitates natural stone. It will decorate any country house or bath. In this case, the material plays both decorative and protective functions. If you’re seeking something more original, then there are many other solutions. For example, siding with a facade tile pattern or a classic wood pattern.

5.The price of the material is affordable

While possessing high-performance properties, the material is very affordable in terms of price. Vinyl siding cost is much lower than that of steel siding. It is also easier to install. No additional wall preparation is required.

This type of material is used worldwide and is popular among homeowners. It has both a pleasant appearance and excellent physical properties. What is your attitude towards the material? Do you have experience in installing vinyl products?

Michael Dorsey
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