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Top Blockchain Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2022

Anvi Martin
Top Blockchain Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2022

What was once considered an innovative, obscure technology that could disrupt everything from banking to social media is now one of the hottest investment areas in the business world. Many companies are exploring how to implement blockchain technology into their business strategies to improve efficiency and security, while others have already taken on the challenge of implementing blockchain networks into their existing products and services. Blockchain developers are some highest-paid professionals in the IT industry today, but what are some of the trends that will impact businesses in 2022? Read on to find out! (Insert bulleted list of trends.)

1) Asset’s tokenization

Blockchains are uniquely suited to tokenize digital assets. The immutable ledger ensures that transactions can be validated and verified; smart contracts allow developers to automate payments when set conditions are met. Identity management will enable developers to restrict access to individuals who have passed a KYC (know your customer) check. Industries like gaming, real estate, and insurance are already moving forward with asset tokenization projects.

2) Progress in Innovation

The adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues to grow, with more and more businesses realizing that integrating some blockchain solutions into their business model is key. With that being said, many companies still don’t know where to start when moving into Blockchain or what steps to take towards integrating these innovative technologies. For example, hiring a blockchain development company or development team would be ideal for companies looking for professionals who can help integrate these new platforms.

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3) BAAS(Blockchain-as-a-service)

A blockchain-as-service, also called a BAAS platform, is a subscription-based cloud service that lets you build and host blockchain applications. A BAAS frees developers from having to develop their hardware infrastructure. For example, Microsoft Azure allows users to create a Hyperledger Fabric network on its cloud computing platform. BAAS platforms may include a full suite of development tools or limited core functionalities, such as providing test networks or developing smart contracts.

Which industries will be greatly adopting Blockchain in 2021-22?

Analytics, Banking, Biotech and Healthcare, Construction and Engineering, Consumer Goods & Retail industries. High adoption of blockchain technology is witnessed by 50% of organizations. Companies hire blockchain developers to design private Blockchains on the Ethereum platform and Hyperledger.

 The list includes Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail and eCommerce, Financial Services, and Automotive. 

Partnering with a blockchain development company helps you focus on core business activities as they develop customized blockchain solutions for your organization. They would be well versed with emerging trends that are disrupting businesses with their disruptive technologies. They understand how to use these platforms to create value for your business while keeping its operations running smoothly.

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