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Green energy; solar energy advantages

Shams Power
Green energy; solar energy advantages

What is green energy, and why it's important

Green energy is generated from natural resources, such as sunlight, wind, or water.

The key to these energy resources is that they don't harm the environment by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

As an energy source, green energy often comes from renewable energy technologies such as solar energy system, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass, and hydroelectric power. These technologies work in different ways, whether by taking power from the sun, as with solar panel systems, or using wind turbines or water flow to generate energy.

Green energy is important for the environment as it replaces the negative effects of fossil fuels with more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Acquire from natural resources, green energy is often renewable and clean.

Even when the full life cycle of a green energy source is taken into consideration, they release far fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, as well as few or low levels of air pollutants. This is not just good for the planet but is also better for the health of people and animals that have to breathe the air.

The economic benefits also include job creation in building the facilities that often serve the workers' communities. Due to the local nature of energy production through sources like solar and wind power, the energy infrastructure is more flexible and less dependent on centralized sources, leading to disruption and less resilience to weather-related climate change.

How Can it Help the Environment?


Green energy is power generated by natural resources; that's why it provides real benefits to the environment. Creating energy with a zero-carbon footprint is a great stride to a more environmentally friendly future. If we can use it to meet our power, industrial, and transportation needs, we will greatly reduce our environmental impact.


Solar Energy in Pakistan - What is Solar Energy?


The sun's heat and light are called photons, and they carry a high amount of energy to Earth. Our planet receives enough solar energy each hour to meet our needs. And it's enough to power all of our homes and power our entire cities for an entire year! It is important to understand the basic physics of solar energy to understand how it works. The sun's core is a big nuclear reactor, and it is constantly undergoing nuclear fusion reactions. When it receives sunlight, hydrogen atoms fuse with helium to create energy.

The sun's rays are free and never run out, so we can use them for different purposes. Pakistan has the advantage of a full year of sunlight exposure, and the sun's rays are infinite. Solar energy in Pakistan can be abundant and cheap, as the sun is the key element of our ecosystem. We can use it for various purposes; from industrial to commercial and residential sectors, we can provide electricity with solar energy through the solar energy system; among the other benefits, it's also an environmentally friendly energy source.


Advantages of Green Energy


The advantages of green energy are many and varied. The sun is a free resource, making every country a potential energy producer. Using solar panels allows you to be more independent of the power grid while maintaining a low operational cost. The cost of installation can be expensive, but the benefits will outweigh the expense over time. Another advantage is that solar energy is environmentally friendly. With its relatively low operating costs, solar energy is a cost-effective way to generate large amounts of electricity.


As solar panels do not produce any pollutants, they are one of the most environmentally-friendly energy sources. They are also extremely efficient in climates with consistent sunlight. Renewables have a low carbon footprint and are the most sustainable solution to prevent environmental degradation. 


Commercial and industrial sectors can save a lot of money without renting extra space for the solar panel system because it can easily install on the rooftop space. Plus, they can contribute to the development of our country and save money on their energy bills.



Another major advantage of solar energy is it's low-cost. The average solar panel will last for 20 years. Even better, solar panels are more durable than other technology. So you'll be reducing your monthly bill as well as increasing your savings. And the quality of your panels will also last for many years. 

1.      Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy has been one of the fastest-growing sources of new energy globally for many years now. And this technology is improving day by day; with more affordable materials and increased consumer demand, solar continues to become more affordable. Renewable energy is defined as energy that comes from a source that can naturally refill itself on a human timescale. Suffice to say; the sun won’t be going away for a long, long, long time. And as long as the sun shines, we can use it to heat, cool, and light our homes and businesses without polluting our precious planet with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

2.        Lower Environmental Impact

The second major advantage of solar energy is that it has a far lower environmental impact than other fuels or gas. Its emission of greenhouse gases does not influence because the method does not require fuel burning.

Even though concentrating solar plants (CSP) are useless in water consumption, the suitable technology leads to increased control depending on the technology utilized. On the other hand, photovoltaic solar panels do not require any water to generate power. Shams power, the pioneer of solar energy in Pakistan, only use Solar (PV) system in their solar solutions.

3.       Reduce Electricity Bills

The electricity bill is a worry for many commercial and industrial sectors due to Covid and increasing electricity charges. With consumption, production, and transmission costs going up, the companies are also forced to increase electricity tariffs. As electricity production depends on the availability of resources, the quantity produced also varies.

Solar energy is a freely available power source. Investing in solar power panels is a one-time investment that will provide you with saving throughout. You can forget load shedding, increase in electricity bills, and power blackouts. In addition, the solar power system will either reduce or completely waive the electricity bill. Plus, the remaining electricity can be utilized by sending it back to the electric grid. Undoubtedly, Improved technology, lower hardware costs, and the demand for sustainable energy have steadily driven down the cost of solar panel systems in recent years

4.       Low Maintenance Costs

S Solar panels are an excellent investment that can provide you with renewable solar energy for the next 20 to 25 years or more. Solar panels don't require much in the way of maintenance. They only need an occasional light cleaning to ensure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren't obstructing the sun's rays.

Shams power provides hassle-free operations & maintenance services to their clients to enjoy clean energy without any performance risk or O&M hassle.



The fact is that fossil fuels need to become a thing of the past as they do not provide a sustainable solution to our energy needs. By developing various green energy solutions, we can create a sustainable future for our energy requirements without damaging the world we all live on.

For decades, Shams power has been working on the solar energy system to provide clean and sustainable energy to commercial and industrial sectors. With a joint venture of two of Pakistan's most prominent energy firms (PITCO and Orient Operating Company), shams power provides you with low-cost solar energy for the next 20 years on a Build-Operate-Own-Transfer basis. By providing an all-inclusive turnkey solution, shams power make it simple for environmentally conscious enterprises to embrace Solar PV technology. This allows them to convert to greener energy without spending their own money on equipment and infrastructure and without risking performance or incurring O&M expenses.

Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you reduce your energy bills. For more details, call us at (+92) 0341 7426777 or visit our website: https://www.shams-power.com/

Shams Power
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