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The third human energy center is the Manipura Chakra. It is through this center that the subtle body is filled with prana and distributes it through the channels and accumulates the energy of life. The third chakra is the ability to survive in society, it determines the social qualities of a person.

Where is it located and what is it responsible for:

Manipura is located in the region of the 12th thoracic vertebra, in the region of the solar plexus. It is based on such qualities as leadership, will and intelligence. Manifested through the desire to dominate, to have power and big money. Manipura in the mind draws a pyramid, at the top of which is a person, and on the sole are his desires or needs. A balanced chakra makes it clear which needs are significant and which are imaginary. Helps to make the right choice.

At the mental level, Manipura is responsible for:

   ● Ego development within reasonable limits, willpower;

   ● providing the brain with the energy necessary for mental activity;

   ● energy filling of other chakras;

   ● personal development and determines how a person will show his talents and emotions to the world;

  ● degree of acceptance of social norms and foundations;

   ● development, ability to analyze different situations, pragmatism, ability to formulate and express personal opinion.

Manipura is given to a person to help fulfill his destiny, using his talents, knowledge, and abilities.

At the level of physiology, it is responsible for the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and abdominal organs located near the middle of the abdomen: the liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, adrenal glands and kidneys. Manipura supplies energy to the respiratory and sympathetic nervous systems. Activates and determines the level of development of the left hemisphere of the brain. 

Chakra blockage or imbalance causes:

  •    ● nervous exhaustion, disorder;
  •    ● formation of gallstones;
  •    ● indigestion, peptic ulcers;
  •    ● diabetes mellitus;
  •    ● diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  •    ● allergic reactions;
  •    ● obesity.

At the psychological level, the imbalance of Manipura can lead to alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction.

Reasons for blocking

The closing of the chakra is due to the feeling of shame that disappointment entails. Most often, this block is formed in early childhood by our parents, educators, teachers at school. When a child is reprimanded for a misdeed, he subconsciously instills in himself the idea that he has a lot of shortcomings, that he is bad. He becomes ashamed, and he feels disappointed, because he failed to justify the hopes of his parents and teachers.

Shame also gives rise to guilt, which negatively affects the second chakra Swadhisthana. 

The imbalance of Manipura makes a person tirelessly strive to control everything and everyone. Most often, such people are unprincipled, unscrupulous, deceitful and dishonorable, they cannot be relied upon. To the outside world they say: "This is life, otherwise it is impossible." But inside they incinerate themselves with a sense of shame for their actions, way of life and thinking. 

The desire to control everyone, to manipulate requires a lot of energy. If there is nowhere to draw it from, a person will eventually resort to various doping. 

Also, anger, pride or arrogance, deceit, ignorance and suppression of emotions lead to imbalance in Manipura. 

To achieve harmony, remove blocks, dive into yourself and analyze what feelings you most often experience at the level of the third chakra. Perhaps you are constantly dissatisfied with life, work, government, financial situation, others. Try to change your thinking and thank the Universe, God for what you have. For example, an apartment, a stable job, health, friends and relatives. 

Stop seeing competitors, enemies in the people around you. Consider each person as an assistant in achieving a particular goal. 

Develop perseverance in yourself, but do not confuse it with stubbornness. Be persistent in achieving the goal, but this does not mean that you will go over your head again. This means that you will conscientiously, work hard to achieve your goal.

Harmonious Manipura will give influence (in the good sense of the word, that is, you will have authority, they will turn to you for advice), developed willpower, success in social life, business. And most importantly - a balanced, healthy psyche.

Blogging Shark
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