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What Students Don't Know About Minimum Wage

John S. Cowan
What Students Don't Know About Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is all about the federal standard that dictates how the employees should be paid. The minimum salary is what people are paid when joining the workforce, whether they are re-entering or new. So, here are some things you don't know about the minimum salary.

It Doesn't Change More Often

The year 2009 was the last time the wage was increased to 7.25 dollars. And since then the living cost has increased by 12%. Furthermore, the value has also declined, making its value decline by almost 20%. Also, it has not kept pace with inflation. So, as you can see, nothing has changed so much. Always choose manageable essay topics when writing your papers.

Minimum Salary Workers Are Women

Most of the workers who receive minimum salaries are adult females. But there is a misconception that teenagers and the elderly are the only ones who work for minimum salary. Actually, 60% of people earning 9 dollars an hour are women. The sad thing is that these women support elderly relatives or children. 

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Demographics Of Minimum Salary

Most people who earn minimum salary fall into certain industries and age groups. Big portions are mostly young service workers working in the hospitality and leisure industries. However, it is more common in part-time work. At least 6% of part-time employees make a minimum salary or less, compared to 1% of full-time employees.

 According to a research study done by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, almost half of the employees were under 25 years. This proves that the employees accepting minimum salary are just joining the workforce or have little experience. 

It's Hard To Live On Minimum Salary

Living on a low salary is difficult. With so many demands on transportation, bills, and healthcare, budgeting can be hard. But you can be successful when you sacrifice to have a better future. If you have issues writing a minimum wage essay, talk to professional writers to help you.


These are the things that students don't know about minimum salary. Knowing these things will help you write an essay on the minimum salary. But if you don't have time or have trouble with your essay, search for expert writers. These gurus have helped students excel and graduate with better grades.

John S. Cowan
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