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Wildlife Conservation and Management

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Wildlife Conservation and Management

What do you mean by wildlife conservation and management?

Wildlife conservation and management mean protection and proper management of animal and plant species. Wildlife is usually used to refer to those animals that can’t be domesticated. Balanced wildlife is very important because they maintain the stability of natural processes. All kinds of animals are somewhere dependent on each other for their survival. If any one of the wildlife species becomes extinct or endangered, it can affect the lives of all other animals.

For humans, wildlife conservation and management are important, because we depend on them for our survival needs. We largely depend on the environment for our daily requirements of life. So it’s very necessary for us to maintain wildlife conservation and management.

7 types of ecological steps that we can take for wildlife conservation and management:

1. We have to protect forests from deforestation

2. We have to impose restrictions on hunting and capturing of wild animals

3. We have to impose a complete ban on the smuggling of products that is made from animal remains

4. We have to take necessary measures to protect the endangered wildlife species

5. We should have an accurate census or data about wildlife

6. We have to protect forests from fires because it harms wildlife to a large extent

7. We have to develop general awareness among people regarding the importance of wildlife.

When we talk about wildlife management then we have to consider various ecological principles such as the maximum capacity of the habitat, reforestation, control and preservation of habitat, predator control, relocation and management of desirable or undesirable and abundance of species.

Wildlife management is mainly of two types:

1. Custodial management- Here the animals are protected from external influences. For this purpose, national parks are established. This is the best way to protect the natural habitat of wildlife.

2. Manipulative management – Here we artificially control the number of animals predators, their habitat, and food supply.

Focuses on wildlife management are

Human interaction with wildlife

Migration wildlife species

Relationship between predator and prey

Wildlife of urban and suburban areas

International wildlife

Why is the conservation of wildlife important?

The main role of all these schemes and national parks in the conservation of wildlife. If we don’t have an idea about the causes that are threatening wildlife conservation, then all of our wildlife conservation plans will fail. Wildlife conservation includes all the efforts made by humans to protect animals from extinction.

Conservation of wildlife does not mean the complete protection of all animal and plant species. But we have to systematically control and manage the number or multiplication of plants and animals. Due to the rigorous hunting and our greed for more lands, many species of plants and animals have become extinct. Today we have to take urgent measures for saving our ecosystem. We have to develop a system where we can peacefully coexist with all living creatures.

What are the basic objectives behind wildlife conservation and management?

1. It helps in maintaining all the ecosystem that is essential for our life

2. To preserve the diversity of species can be possible because of it

3. It helps us to make sure that we can use the bioproducts that we get from wildlife in the future.

What are threats to wildlife?

The biggest threat to wildlife is created by human activities. We are responsible for spreading various types of diseases and invasive species into the wildlife. Due to these multiple threats, our ecosystem is facing a lot of stress.The large scale of deforestation has caused a great loss of wildlife. If a new life form becomes dominant it poses threat to other species.


Wildlife conservation and management is a serious issue and it needs a proper discussion. We all are dependent on wildlife for our daily needs. Any decision if taken without enough consensuses can affect the life of a large number of animals and humans. We cannot make a particular recommendation about wildlife. There should be a proper debate on this matter.

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