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Your headphones keep breaking?

Craig Andrews
Your headphones keep breaking?

Are your headphones continually breaking down? If you are looking for this, it is because your headphones get damaged quite easily. Do you usually buy headphones quite often? In this post we will talk about the most common reasons why our headphones tend to break easily. To avoid this we have to take good care of them and improve our habits.

Why do headphones keep breaking?

There are a wide variety of headphone models on the market, as well as different types of quality. If you have relatively new headphones and they stopped working properly in a short time, then it could be due to any of these causes:

  • You have not taken good care of the headphones: We must take good care of the headphones, that helps us to have a long life. We have to store them well and use them delicately.
  • Defective headphones: If you just started using them and they don't work well, then you have to talk to the manufacturers to have them look at them under warranty. They will allow you to replace them with others or a refund.
  • Low quality device: In the european and specially the spanish market there are low quality headphones with very low prices. Sometimes it's not worth buying cheap headphones because they usually don't have very good quality and they get damaged right away. To find the top popular headphones brands visit this link.

How can I tell if my headphones are breaking or breaking?

Are you noticing that your headphones are not providing the service that they had sold you? Well, then we will talk about some signs that will indicate that the operation is not correct:

  • The headphones have interference: If your headphones are experiencing continuous interference when you move the cable or the earpiece, then you should know that the headphones are not working perfectly.
  • Headphones lose sound: If you are noticing that one or both headphones are not playing anything, then you should first look at the settings or check them on another device. If this does not work well, then surely you have a cable or something damaged.
  • Headphones with scratchy sound: If you are listening to strange sounds while the sound is playing, then surely your headphones have a damaged cable that hinders the correct hearing signal.

Do your headphones keep breaking? The 7 most common causes

If your headphones break easily, then we have to talk about the 7 most common causes:

  • Leaving the headphones without storing them properly and lying around the house.
  • Leaving knotted headphones after use.
  • Headphones that are not prepared for humidity or sweat.
  • Use the headphones with the volume turned up.
  • Store the headphones in an unprotected pocket or backpack.
  • Sleeping with headphones on, exposing them to malformation.
  • Pull hard on the headphone cord when turning them off.


We know that there are many brands, models and prices of headphones on the market, regardless of which ones you select according to your needs, the important thing is that they work perfectly for you for a long time. Of course, if you take care of them badly, the headphones will last relatively little, so it is important that you take good care of them and store them in a suitable place.

We hope that this informative post on the reasons why our headphones can break or be damaged has been of help to you.

Craig Andrews
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