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Best Acne treatment and causes in delhi

DrNavin Taneja
Best Acne treatment and causes in delhi

Treat acne

Acne is also called pimples . It generally happens in males and females when growing from child age to teen age. It is a condition that appears usually on oily skin. Sometimes a person may go in depression due to the appearance of his or her skin.


Sebaceous glands are the one whom our body depends for giving moisture that are also called oil glands. These are present just beneath the skin. They produce sebum that qoutes the hair and skin. Sebum comes out from the pores of the skin and prevent dryness of the skin. The dead skin cells are taken away by this sebum , but sometimes this can clot the skin pores and acne are formed there as the bacteria present in the skin causes inflammation in the glands.

Also, acne can be due to stress. Cortisol hormone is increased in stress which causes the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum and cause acne problem.


Acne can also happen due to genetic reasoning of a person as there can be inbuilt of sebaceous glands that secret more amount of sebum.


Acne causes:-

- face to look red in appearance

- can lead to blood filled or pus filled pimples

- can be painful

- hormonal imbalance in a person


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So there is a specific treatment line to counter the acne problem as:

- drinking sufficient amount of water

- washing your face as you come from outside

- using a tissue paper to clean skin

- avoiding oily skin care products

- eating a healthy diet

- zinc containing content to be taken


medications such as :-

- over the counter lotion with several active ingredient

- benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria, drives excess oil and removes dead skin cells

- salicylic acid reduces skin generation problem

- alphahydroxy acids reduce inflammation removes dead skin


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Nowadays lasers have been proposed by the doctors to cure this acne problem.

DrNavin Taneja
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