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Cool Gadgets to Enhance Your Car.

Cool Gadgets to Enhance Your Car.

We often talk about the serious side of owning a vehicle, such as finding the most reliable cars on finance. But cars should also be a bit of fun, so we’ve tracked down some cool types of gadgets that can make any can smarter!

Key Trackers

Have you ever lost your keys? If so, you know how annoying it is. If you’ve got the electronic fob keys, you also know how ridiculously expensive it is to replace them, especially if you lose them both. So, make lost keys a thing of the past with a nifty key tracker. You can find some that work on GPS, while other more budget versions work with an app on your phone to trigger a sound or even point you to the last place your phone and keys were paired.

Bluetooth Adaptors

Does your car stereo only have a CD player, or even more retro, a cassette deck? Well, don’t let that stop you from enjoying all your favourite modern tunes. You can now buy Bluetooth adaptors that plug into your cigarette lighter and allow you to connect your phone or device to the car stereo.

Dash Cams

We’ve all probably laughed along with a humorous dashcam video, and that’s part of the reason they’re so popular. But they have a very valuable purpose too, such as recording incidents for insurance claims. Some of the smarter models can even tell you when to reduce your speed.

Tyre monitoring systems

Flat tyres aren’t just annoying to drive around on, they can also present a serious safety risk. While many modern cars have inbuilt tyre monitoring systems, older cars don’t. That’s easily fixed though. You can now buy a tyre monitoring system that’s as simple as screwing on the specific tyre valve caps. 

Air Purifier for Your Car

Does your car constantly smell old and musty? It’s not uncommon for cars to smell not-so-fresh, especially if you’ve had the car for a while or frequently have furry four-legged passengers. You may never recapture that new-car smell, but you can definitely make sure the air in your car is clean and good for breathing, with an auto air purifier.

Logbook and Diagnostic Monitor

Older cars don’t have the diagnostic computer systems of their modern counterparts, but fortunately, you can still get the information you need. There are products now that simply plugin and let you start logging the kilometres you drive. It’s great for breaking up business and personal use, and it also gives you diagnostics on the health of your car. As an added bonus, these systems also tell you if you’re driving efficiently!

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