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New Vs Used Shipping Containers - Ultimate Guide

Abigail R Shaw
New Vs Used Shipping Containers - Ultimate Guide

Advantages of New Shipping Containers 

  • No risk of Cross Contamination : Freshly manufactured containers have never been used for any shipment, so you will never find yourself risking your cargo becoming contaminated by hazardous or toxic cargo that was previously transported. No matter what its purpose, it has no contaminant risks and is completely safe.

  • Pristine Condition of the container: Since it's an unused container, there are no previous marks, so you won't waste money on repairs and painting. The container is shining both inside and out because it's freshly painted, nothing is dents or scratches on it at all. This saved you both time and money on repairs and painting.

  • Air Tight:There's nothing more efficient in controlling dust, debris, moisture, and vermin than the brand new sealing of containers to make them airtight and watertight.The cargo is well protected with these brand new seals.

  • Sea-Worthiness:In order to keep a check on the quality of containers being shipped over the ocean via container ship, certain quality standards have to be met concerning seaworthiness.You can be more confident in the quality of the new ones.

  • Safer for modifications:Containers can be repurposed for interior design, use as a business space or for habitation in general, but newer ones are safer for modification, as they do not carry any contamination risk. This means that new containers can be used to construct houses, restaurants at the side of the road, etc.

  • Forklift Pockets:Containers usually feature forklift pockets as part of their design for easy transportation. Earlier containers did not come with these pockets and were more difficult to move around a yard.

  • Safer To Modify: For example, used containers can be modified for some uses, but new containers are best for use as pop-up shops, roadside restaurants, and in the construction of homes and extensions, due to the fact that they are not contaminated.New containers are free of contamination, which is why they are a better choice.

  • Longer Warranty:There are a lot of new containers that come with a longer manufacturer's warranty than used containers, giving you peace of mind that your new investment is protected.

Disadvantages of New Shipping Containers 

  • Cost per new unit:: In general, a brand new container will cost more. So, it's really up to you to decide whether it's worth it to spend extra money on a brand new one.

  • Too Good for Storage:Unless you have sensitive goods at risk of contamination from used containers, purchasing a container is primarily for storage.In the case where all you need to store are old machines or documents, you do not need this extra expense.

Advantages of Used Shipping Containers 

  • Used as On-Site Offices: .There are several used intermodal containers which are in a good condition that can be used to create mobile on-site offices since aesthetics are not an issue here, and incurring extra costs can also be avoided.

  • Cheaper rates: Second-hand containers have a number of reasons to attract buyers, including the low prices offered based on the grade of the container which will surely save you some cash.

  • Grades of quality based on requirements:It is possible to use a shipping container for many different purposes.If the container grade is the same as the one you need, you can still bargain with the sellers to get the lowest price possible.

  • Manufacturing Ablution Units:For events such as sports events, concerts, exhibitions and so on, these are the perfect choice for building mobile toilets.

  • Great for Leasing Out:Containers that are new can be rented out to other people but they will lose their value after being used repeatedly.The more prudent choice would be to buy a used container and let it out for a rental fee.

Disadvantages of Used Shipping Containers 

  • Risk of Cross Contamination:Obtaining accurate information about the items previously transported in a used container may be difficult, and can pose a real concern in this instance.Whenever you handle perishable items or sensitive items, there is a risk that cross-contamination will occur.

  • Loss of initial grade of air-tightness: When used several times, the airtight and watertight seals on the containers can no longer be achieved.In such a way, dirt, moisture, and pests can gain access to the contents, causing damage. These containers will not be considered seaworthy. The seals on the A-grade containers may still remain intact, however.

  • Limited lifespan:Containers that are regularly used usually last 12 years on average.Using a container that has been in service for almost 6-7 years, whether it is used for intermodal transportation or for scrap metal recycling, will eventually end up in the landfill.

By reading the article, While each has its advantages and disadvantages, they are undoubtedly different. But if you are seeking a suitable container for your needs, take a piece of paper and make a detailed list of what you need and what amount of capital investment you can afford, which will help you choose a new shipping container or go with rental shipping containers by saving money. If this article is worth reading, you can also share it with your loved ones.

Abigail R Shaw
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