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Remodel your small bathroom with these amazing expert tips

Andy Cook
Remodel your small bathroom with these amazing expert tips

Learn a few tips on how you can give a good makeover to your tiny bathroom

Your bathroom needs to be fresh and clean so that it can stay safe from any germ development in your bath space. So, you can focus on the ventilation system of your bathroom so that it can get ample sunlight and good airflow all the time. You can also generate more storage space by adding functional cabinets so that you can organize all your bathroom essentials inside them.

You can contact Los Angeles Jay Remodeling company if you want to remodel your small bathroom to give it a good makeover. We deal in both small and big makeover projects where we give a refreshing look to a bathroom while going for a small makeover. We also deal in master bathroom renovations where our bathroom remodelers will expand the small bathroom to increase space in it. However, you should know a few tips and tricks to renovate your small bathroom so that it remains airy and breezy all the time.



Focus on Ventilation

Your bathroom remains moist and wet most of the time as it is the most frequently used place in your home. So, you need to focus on the ventilation system of your bathroom. You should keep this place fresh, airy, and clean all the time by improving airflow. The skylights and the vents should be properly placed to facilitate airflow and a good amount of sunlight into your space so that it helps keep the place free of moisture. Often, germs and bacteria develop in excess moist areas, which is not a good sign as far as the health of your family members is concerned. So, you need to focus on the ventilation so that the place remains dry, clean, and airy all the time.  


Replace the cabinets

Often, the cabinets of our bathroom decay due to excess moisture content in the bathroom. As a result, your bathroom looks outdated and aesthetically unpleasant. So, you can upgrade your storage cabinets with new glossy material to add that glamour quotient to your bathroom. Remember the material you use should be moisture-resistant so that it does not get damaged over time.


Add decorative lights and mirrors

Lights can be a great option to accessorize a place. If you want to enhance the look of your bathroom then you need to add hanging lights or pendant lights to the space to add that beauty to the space. You can also go with ceiling-mounted lights, which will make the space look brighter. Lights not only add aesthetics to the space but also make the space look brighter and bigger.

A decorative mirror also accentuates the look of your bathroom. It also makes the space look brighter and bigger. If you are a creative person then you can add vintage mirrors to accessorize the place.


Upgrade the major bathroom items

You can upgrade the toilet, the sink, and the bathtub timely so that it does not destroy the beauty of your space. Most of the time we neglect these areas and hence the space looks unpleasant and untidy. To retain the freshness of your bathroom, you need to add new bathroom items. You can also add a mirror over your sink, which will add volume to the décor.  


Towel holders and open shelves

To make the space functional you can go with towel holders to place your towel and bathrobes. Moreover, you can add open shelves so that you can place small decorative pieces in your bathroom. These shelves can also be used to place green plants that will add freshness to your space.


Add green plants

Lastly, you should invest in some ornamental indoor plants to decorate your bathroom. Some indoor plants are capable of absorbing excess moisture from the air and hence help keep the place airy and moisture-free. So, you can go with some green plants that can survive in your bathroom.



You can add skylights, vents, and exhaust fans so that the inside air can blow out off the bathroom to keep it fresh and clean all the time. Moreover, you can add dehumidifiers and aroma diffusers to keep the space free from excess moisture and bad odor. This will also give you a spa-like experience in your bathroom. You can go with candle holders so that you can light up candles to make the place look aesthetically pleasing, which will enhance the bathing experience completely divine.

Andy Cook
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