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8 Simple Queries That Help You Install Rooftop Solar Panels

Alex Hales
8 Simple Queries That Help You Install Rooftop Solar Panels

More and more people in the United States are beginning to invest in solar power technology. Burbank is no exception, and why not? Solar power systems have advanced dramatically in recent years. Most of these improvements are cost-effective. Installing solar panels on your roof is a distinct approach to manufacturing electricity for your home, company, and the grid while lowering your adverse environmental impact.

We've come up with a list of the top eight strategies to consider before installing those rooftop solar panels. We are sure they will help you decide whether solar electricity is the perfect solution for your property or your commercial establishment.

1. Is your roof in need of some TLC?

Calculating the age of your roof is the 1st step you need to take before you even contemplate installing solar panels. Installing solar panels is generally not the greatest idea if you discover you have to install a new roof or a portion of your roof is damaged. If possible, complete any roof repairs or replacement before the installation. You should not take much time to dismantle and reassemble your roof, or it may lead to cost escalation.

2. What are the Roof Dimensions?

Roofs are available in multiple shapes and sizes. The homeowner has to ensure the roof has enough clearance for the installation of solar panels. Otherwise, your return on investment may not be gainful.

3. Have You Measured the Direction of Your Roof Slope?

Solar panels must be installed in a precise way to receive the optimum quantity of energy level. Our technical experts recommend facing the panels south. Sometimes, we also recommend facing them west, depending on the on-field situations. Regardless, you must seek this information before the installation process can begin.


4. What should be the maximum weight that your roof can support?

Installing solar panels will add to the weight of your roof's structure. There's every possibility your roof will collapse if the solar panels are too heavy for your property roof to tolerate. Always engage a professional like us to inspect your roof for tolerance. Our experts will decide whether additional reinforcement is needed to complete the process of solar installation.

5. How will you decide the Water Exit Points?

Water travels down the roof, down the gutters, and flows down from your property during harsh rains. When you take up solar installation, equipment like racking and wiring connections might restrict water from draining. Solar apparatus can sometimes cause water to flow in the wrong direction, creating leaks and other issues.

These issues will need to be addressed as soon as possible. To avoid any of these problems, make sure to consult our proven technicians. They can provide you with a foolproof plan that will have no negative influence on water runoff.

6. What about Intense Weather Hazards?

Dealing with severe weather conditions, such as hails, hurricanes, lightning storms, and other natural disasters is a critical part of sustaining your solar power structure. Any of the solar power equipment may get damaged due to these happenings. It is important to consider these possibilities, especially if you live in an area where this type of weather is frequent.

7. What Actions are to be taken for Grid Connections?

You must also examine how you will connect the solar power system to the grid. This is apart from the design and contour of your roof. There are mainly three things to consider while connecting with a local utility.

· How much time will it take to get hooked up?

· Do you have to pay any levies?

· How and when will you be reimbursed for the energy generated?

We can help you at our end and interact with local authorities and sort out the things on your behalf.

8. What About the Maintenance Aspect of the Solar Panels?

It's all about setting adequate maintenance goals to keep your solar panels running seamlessly. It's a good idea to find out the maintenance routines from reputable solar specialists like us before the installation begins. If you can't keep up with those maintenance objectives, your equipment isn't going to survive as long as you have anticipated.


These queries and solutions for the installation of solar panels on your property rooftop will be beneficial only if you follow these critical steps honestly. We can inspect your site and provide you with an on-the-spot checklist that will hopefully serve your purpose. Also, Visit 12 Roofing Website for more details.  

Alex Hales
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