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The four corners of the track field lighting will become the mainstream of sports lighting? A modern track field stadium must have a good lighting environment, ensure visual effects, and meet the lighting requirements of the audience, participants, and TV broadcasts. Then, do you really know how a professional track field lighting is designed?

Today, I will popularize the four-corner layout of the track field lighting!

Many track field lighting facilities are still arranged at four corners. Four light poles are set up at the corners of the athletic field, and the tower height is generally 34-59m. This arrangement is suitable for track and fields with no canopy or low canopy height. This method has a low utilization rate of lighting, more difficult maintenance and repair, and higher cost.

The angle between the bottom row of floodlights and the center of the athletic field should not be less than 25° to determine the height of the light pole. Therefore, the distance between the light pole and the center of the athletic field is different, and the height of the light pole is also different. The midpoint of the bottom line and the bottom line of the athletic field is at an angle of 10° outwards (with a TV broadcast at a 15° angle), and the midpoint of the athletic field sideline and the sideline are at a 5° angle outwards. By adopting the various beam angle projectors, a suitable illuminance distribution can be formed on the athletic field.

However, TV broadcasting now requires a higher and uniform vertical illuminance, and the required angle of light incident on the far part of the track field is far less than the prescribed limit. Due to the high brightness of the high-power HID lamp and the traditional high mast lamp pole, it inevitably produces excessive glare.

how a professional track field lighting is designed

The shortcomings of these four-corner lights layout for track field lighting applications are:

The sharp visual changes in different viewing directions; and the shadows are deeper. From the color TV broadcast, it is really difficult to meet the vertical illuminance in all directions and control the glare well. In order to meet the requirements of the Ev/Eh ratio and reduce glare, it is necessary to take some improvement measures for the four-corner lighting layout.

  • Increase the number of led arena lights on the pole on the side of the TV main camera to strengthen the beam projection.
  • Move the poles to the sides and outside the sideline, so that the opposite and four corners of the track field can obtain a certain vertical illuminance.
  • Add some strip lighting on the top of the stand on the side of the main TV camera. Pay attention to controlling the glare, and should not make the audience at both ends of the track and field detect it.

how a professional track field lighting is designed

The choice of arena outdoor lamps is also very important for track and field competitions.

A few years ago, the lighting fixtures selected in the track field were generally metal halide lamps. However, in the process of use, there were continuous problems, which caused considerable troubles in the track and field! Lamp quality problems such as glare spilled light, and heating of lamps frequently occur, which seriously affects the conduct of professional track and field competitions. After that, the stadium updated the track and field lighting, replacing the metal halide lighting with more advanced LED sports lighting. In the field track and field lighting, Yiabi LED lighting occupies a unique position. We are one of the first sports lighting companies in China to provide led arena lights to large-scale foreign sports events. Prior to this, they appeared in the World Cup as a lighting supplier for the U20 Women’s World Cup!

The Yibai arena outdoor lighting fixtures are a new generation of a green lighting system, which minimizes the light pollution to the surrounding environment, effectively prevents overflow and glare, protects the beautiful night sky, and also provides athletes and spectators the best lighting environment, creating a more comfortable competition and viewing experience.

NOVA-SF Series LED Area Lighting Luminaire

NOVA-SF Series LED Area Lighting Luminaire (9)

NOVA-HT Series LED Area Lighting Luminaire

NOVA-HT Series LED Area Lighting Luminaire


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