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Everything About Cling Wrap


Cling film or cling wrap is a thin plastic film primarily used at homes, offices, and restaurant kitchens to seal and secure foot items in containers. By sealing with cling wrap, food doesn’t lose its freshness. A cling wrap or cling film comes in a roll in a box that has a sharp edge for cutting the wrap.


A cling wrap is a household and office essential. It seals everything perfectly, reducing the chances of an accidental spill. It was discovered in 1933 initially in the form of a spray to be sprayed on fighter planes to protect them from the salty sea spray. However, the original wrap was invented in 1949. It was a Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVdC). Nowadays, PVC alternatives are popular among buyers because these are considered to be a safer option from a health perspective.


Making of a Cling Wrap

Step 1: Heating plastic granules till they melt.

Step 2: The molten liquid is poured through a die to make a stretchable tube of plastic.

Step 3: In the next step, compressed air is blown into tubes to form bubbles.

Step 4: When the bubble forms, it stretches the plastic.

Step 5: The stretched bubble is put between metal rollers for forming a film.

Step 6: The film is rolled, and the rolls are put in cardboard packaging


The cling wrap that is found in the store is of 35ga to 40ga thickness.


Some FAQs About Cling Wrap


Can cling wrap be used to freeze food?

Yes, you can use the cling wrap to freeze food. It will protect the food while ensuring no presence of air between the food and the wrap. Also, this is a protective layer from freezer burn. However, if you plan to store the food for a long time, it is recommended to use zip lock bags.


Is cling wrap microwave safe?

Yes, the cling wrap is microwave safe. However, it is better to poke holes on the wrap to let the steam out. Also, when using the wrap, make sure it doesn’t come in contact with high-fat food because fat can melt the plastic wrap in a high-temperature environment.


Is cling wrap oven-safe?

No, cling wrap is not made to be used in stovetops, conventional, and toaster ovens. It will melt.


Is cling wrap a good insulator?

No, cling wrap is not a good insulator. It can assist in heat retention to a certain extent, but not as good as aluminum foil. If required, you can use two to three layers of cling wrap for insulation.


Can cling wrap be replaced with industrial plastic wrap?

Industrial plastic wrap is not FDA approved. Thus, it cannot be used in place of a cling wrap.


Last Words

A cling wrap is a multipurpose tool in kitchens, offices, and restaurants. It is easily available in physical stores as well as online stores. Check out with an office supplies store if you are looking for cling wraps for office use. In addition, there are some trusted office supplies stores online that have a wide range of cling wraps, stationery, and other office supplies at affordable prices.


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