Beginner’s Guide To Indian Food Catering

Jalsa Catering

Indian food has uniqueness and special flavor that can attract many foodies. Numerous dishes are involved in Indian food as India has a rich heritage, in which tastes from the different states have been shared. Well, this blog is all about the beginner’s guide to Indian food catering. Because of its variety and distinct flavors, Indian cuisine is popular all over the world. The following are some frequent phrases found on menus.

  • Tandoori: Tandoori sort of foods are frequently marinated before being roasted in a clay oven with aromatics.
  • Tikka: This translates to "beef pieces." Tikka is frequently combined with a gravy base, and it may be found in a variety of masala cuisines.
  • Biryani: This is a slow-cooked meal with meat, vegetables, and spices with a layer of onions on top. It is eaten with rice and a sort of gravy. It can be vegetarian as well.
  • Masala: This is a spice that is typically medium to spicy. Most masala meals include a sauce that may be sopped up with rice or bread.
  • Curry: This is a type of gravy created with a variety of herbs and spices. They differ in terms of heat and color.
  • Saag: These meals are served with leafy greens, sauce, and the meat of your choosing. Cumin, cloves, and cinnamon are common scents. It is the common dish of Punjab.
  • Paneer: Dishes with soft cubes of this cheese are quite popular, particularly among vegetarians. Numerous dishes are cooked using cheese.


Common Dishes and Drinks

Indian cuisine is typically served with a variety of sides to round out the eating experience. Because most menu dishes have some sort of sauce or gravy, rice is a common method to serve them. Although white basmati rice is the most usually offered, brown and saffron rice are also available at select establishments. You can't go wrong with the Naan, no matter what you order. Baked and coated with oil, this popular and addictive soft flatbread. It's delicious on its own, but it's also a great complement to the sauces that accompany traditional Indian cuisine.


Other common side accompaniments in Indian catering include those that assist chill the palette and balance off the spice of the dishes. Yogurt, achar (Indian pickles), and a variety of chutneys are among them. Another method to beat the heat is with Indian beverages. A lassi is a yogurt-based drink that is sweetened with fruit or sugar. Iced chai, a warming-spice-infused black tea mixed with milk and ice, is another excellent drink for balancing the tastes of Indian food.

Final Thoughts

Jalsa is the place to go if you're looking for Indian food catering. It is consistently recognized as one of the best locations to eat Indian food, and it serves a broad variety of meals. If you want to explore bay area Indian events, then you can’t resist trying out amazing Indian food.

Jalsa Catering
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