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6 Ways to Remodel a Bathroom on Time & On Budget

Adam Powell
6 Ways to Remodel a Bathroom on Time & On Budget

Learn how to remodel your bathroom while maintaining your schedule & budget

Bathroom remodeling takes its toll on homeowners in terms of frustration, missed deadlines, and high costs. While it may not seem possible, an attractive and affordable bathroom remodel is absolutely achievable.


Completely remodeling a bathroom is exciting: new décor, new furniture, maybe even a new design. But that time is also extremely stressful: extra people in the house, loud noises, unexpected repairs, plus budget and time concerns.


 Undertaking a master bathroom remodel is especially demanding, requiring experience in several vocations: plumbing, electrical, and carpentry.


Keeping the project on time and on budget goes a long way in making the result feel like a success.

There are many reasons to remodel your master bathroom: expand storage space, update outdated fixtures and appliances, create a more relaxing space, or make it more accessible for seniors.


Regardless of why you're looking to remodel, there are 6 steps to take to complete your master bathroom remodel on time and on a budget.


These 6 steps may seem like common sense, but they can make the difference between a successful master bathroom remodel and a failure.



1.Complete a thorough assessment


The number one reason a project falls behind schedule and/or over budget is unforeseen structural issues. Although neither you nor a contractor can see through walls, you can still examine the area before starting work to identify hidden problems.


You may find that you need an additional circuit and more amperage for your new tankless water heater. Or maybe you find out that low water pressure will affect the flow of the new rainfall shower

head you bought.


Make sure plumbing and electrical systems are up to date to handle modern equipment. And don't forget to check for things like mold that may be hiding behind the walls.



2. Put it in writing


Whenever possible, get all agreements, discussions, and other important facts in writing for all parties involved.


If you are using a contractor for your master bathroom remodel, they will provide you with a quote before work begins. You'll list the price and materials, but it's not a bad idea to discuss a schedule of when the work will be done.


Keep track of inspection dates and delivery dates. You don't want to delay getting work done because someone forgot they had to be home to sign for important materials.


If you are doing the work yourself, you will be responsible for navigating the permitting and inspection process yourself.


Keep plenty of notes when contacting your local building department about your requirements and expectations. This will be helpful if you receive conflicting information or if you need to revise something.



3. Buy local products


Today it's easier than ever to shop for what you need with a few mouse clicks, but it's a good idea to shop locally. Many remodels are delayed due to issues with the shipping process; those are eliminated by buying from stores close to home.


It is possible to buy tiles, furniture, and even toilets online. But damaged goods from out-of-state shipments cannot be easily or quickly replaced.


If the shipment is delayed at the warehouse or delivery facility, the only resolutions are to wait or purchase new materials somewhere nearby. Neither option is attractive.





4. Manage your expectations


You need to match your expectations with your specific budget and time constraints. For example, the more work there is to do, the more time and money you can expect to spend.


Obviously, a project that includes changing the overall design of the bathroom will take more time and cost more than simply replacing a toilet and repainting the walls. But other nuances can also affect your schedule and budget.


For example, a bathroom that requires things like extensive plumbing repairs, electrical upgrades, or mold removal will easily stretch your initial schedule and budget.


Other factors can have an impact on how long it takes to meet the deadline. A complete master bathroom remodel consists of several steps, each taking time to complete. Permits can take weeks to obtain and you may need to repeat inspections.


Custom products like cabinetry increase your budget and timeline. At K Remodeling we will do it all for you in the safest and easiest way. Get Remodeling Estimates from K Remodeling today.



5. Do not make last-minute changes


Once you have a plan, make sure you stick to it. Sometimes you can get away with small changes that don't affect the overall schedule and budget, but not very often.


As you watch your new bathroom come together, you might get sparks of creativity; you may decide that a new set of mirrors and a door would be perfect with the new toilet and shower stall.


It may be tempting to add seemingly small things like this to the project. But each change adds time and money to the project.


Last-minute changes also increase the chance that you'll run into unforeseen circumstances. When replacing that door, you may need to rework the threshold or rebuild the frame.



6. Expect the unanticipated


Despite your best intentions and foresight, your master bathroom remodel can go wrong. Very rarely do large projects, like complete remodels, turn out perfectly. It wouldn't be unusual to have a problem replacing bathroom drywall.


You could find mold, which requires a professional. Or you could find damaged insulation and rodent droppings that need to be treated. Either way, you're buying unexpected materials and completing additional work.


In most cases, the safest and easiest way to remodel your master bathroom on time and on budget is to hire a professional.

A master bathroom remodel is complex; they require knowledge of several different specialties, scheduling multiple teams, managing simultaneous deliveries, and negotiating with your local construction department.


At K Remodeling we are used to the challenges that arise during these complex projects. We are ready to help you through all stages of planning, design, and completion. Contact us for more details.

Adam Powell
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