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Why Is Virtual Teambuilding the Reprieve We All Need Right Now?

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Why Is Virtual Teambuilding the Reprieve We All Need Right Now?

Team Building is an intricate part of business growth. It helps form strong bonds amongst colleagues and build a sense of companionship.

Although Team Building gets more complex with each passing day, some companies still get it right in their own way. And, Action Teams is here to provide easy and simple Virtual Team Building Activities and exercises focused on your team’s growth.

There is something special about being in the same room as your team — it goes beyond casual encounters over coffee, lunch or happy hour.

In fact, virtual office space is not just a cheaper alternative to building an actual company headquarters – it also offers a more strategic business advantage when it comes to brainstorming new ideas and strategizing how the pieces of a multifaceted campaign align with long-term goals.

Why would you need virtual Team Building right now? Here are the reasons why:

  • To Create More Trust
  • Enforce Effective Communication Skills
  • Promote Increased Productivity
  • To Build Better Connections with One Another
  • To Find Hidden Creative Problem-Solving Skills
  • Learn Better Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Learn Open Office Mindedness

You have surely heard about or even tried virtual Team Building exercises. If you are like most organizations, you probably have a yearly retreat where employees do something fun that helps them bond together and form stronger relationships.

Performing arts, outdoor activities, and other gatherings often come to mind. While these events can be extremely beneficial to employee retention and company morale overall, they need not occur only in person—or collectively at all! Because virtual Team Building offers better alternatives than offline.

Sometimes teams become so frustrated with one another that they do not even talk to each other anymore. Over time this causes distrust and frustration among co-workers unable to conduct any meaningful interactions.

Sales teams, marketing teams, and reps from engineering which are all supposed to be working together silently ostracize themselves for fear of upsetting the balance of their little silos—

—Fearful that if they speak up, things could get misconstrued or lead to some sort of retaliation from someone sitting in a neighboring cubicle. Virtual teams do not have such limitations, yet other issues are addressed with Team Building exercises.

Team building is a process of creating or enhancing teamwork. Team building activities focus on developing trust and openness among team members, responsibility for others in the team and dependability towards the team.

Depending on your budget, you may want to make your own or purchase some materials or do something at low-cost fun like bike riding, swimming, hiking, or simple all-virtual stuff like Simon Says, Online Scavenger Hunt, and One-On-One Questions.

Team Building events happen all the time. And for many companies, they are an important and valuable experience as teams come together from various parts of a company to bond, collaborate, and most importantly, create strategies that will lead to success in the coming year or two years down the road.

Of course, team building is not as simple as just adding a new workflow or project template into popular solutions. Virtual team building creates an online work environment that focuses on building communication, collaboration, and skills enhancements.

Action Teams
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