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E-Lins 5g cellular router

E-Lins Technology - 4G Router Manufacturer
E-Lins 5g cellular router

5G industrial routers can be used in harsh and complex environments, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and can still work stably in complex environments such as outdoors and vehicles. The IoT terminal that directly connects to industrial machinery and equipment for data collection, and through real-time data transmission, enables managers to easily grasp the production and operation conditions at different times and regions.


The 5G industrial router integrates 5G access technology, WIFI technology, routing technology, switching technology, security technology and other network application technologies, and is compatible with 5G/4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G networks across the board, which can easily build high-speed, stable Wired and wireless transmission network, and supports data collection, using public 5G/4G network to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission function


Future application sites and scope of 5g industrial routers:


  1. Wireless networking solution for smart express cabinets: Through 5g industrial routers, all terminals can share the Internet to achieve real-time networking of sending and receiving express delivery, advertising updates, and video surveillance, and solve property networking negotiations, tariffs, and stability issues.
  2. Wireless networking solution for access control system: 5g industrial routers can be used to connect various access control gates to realize real-time networking of face recognition, information matching, and video surveillance, and solve the problems of outdoor temporary access control systems and indoor cable decoration deployment.
  3. Smart store networking solution: 5g industrial routers can be used for real-time networking of cashier systems/warehouse management systems, store monitoring, and networked advertising equipment, and at the same time, free WIFI can be provided for shop assistants and customers to achieve quick store opening and complete networking.
  4. Wireless networking solution for vending machines: through 5g industrial routers, self-service networking retail, video surveillance, advertising updates can be realized, and outdoor network connection problems and mobility problems can be solved.
  5. Smart charging pile wireless networking solution: through 5g routers, self-service charging and payment can be realized, video surveillance can be networked in real time, and the problem of network connection in outdoor or underground parking lots can be solved.
  6. Crowd temperature measurement/thermal imaging wireless networking solution: video surveillance can be realized through 5g industrial routers, real-time networking of temperature measurement terminals, and outdoor or mobile deployment and control problems can be solved through 5g routers.
  7. Bus WIFI operation solution: Through the 5g industrial router, online payment terminals, video surveillance terminals, and advertising terminals can be connected to the Internet in real time, and at the same time, free WIFI can be provided for passengers to solve the problem of bus mobile network connection.
  8. Smart farming and animal husbandry wireless networking solution: Real-time networking of video monitoring terminals and temperature and humidity sensor terminals to solve the problem of network connection in outdoor and agricultural and forestry areas.
  9. Smart home wireless networking solution: 5g industrial routers can realize real-time networking of home broadband WIFL and other home terminals, solving the problem of network connection in rural areas with relatively backward telecommunication infrastructure.
  10. Wireless networking solution for advertising machines: real-time advertising updates and real-time networking of video surveillance terminals can be achieved through 5g routers, solving the problems of indoor wired deployment and outdoor mobility network connections.


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E-Lins Technology - 4G Router Manufacturer
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