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What Are the Uses of Zeolite?

Clay Cure
What Are the Uses of Zeolite?

On a cellular level, detoxification requires more than a fancy tea or foot bath; this is where Zeolite Clinoptilolite comes in handy! Not to worry; you do not have to be able to pronounce it to benefit from it fully. Zeolites have existed for millennia, dating all the way back to the Romans, who used them to construct their aqua conduits and discovered that the water tasted better as a result.

Zeolite is a unique sort of rock that is capable of encapsulating water and other things. Zeolite is a three-dimensional structure composed of alkaline earth metals and filled with trapped water molecules.

Because they are crystals formed when molten volcanic lava meets the water, the name 'zeolite' is entirely appropriate. This chemical reaction results in the formation of a crystal with a cage-like, porous structure and a negative charge, making it one of the few naturally occurring minerals with a negative charge.

Due to the fact that zeolite is a volcanic mineral, it offers some incredible skin advantages. Zeolite possesses extraordinary helpful properties that enable it to absorb, retain, and exchange other chemicals, toxins, and nutrients in accordance with your body's requirements.

Because the majority of environmental pollutants and heavy metals have a positive charge, its negative charge makes it a natural detoxifier. 

Furthermore, if you recall your eighth-grade physical science lesson, you will recall that opposites attract!

It penetrates your skin and works to eliminate toxins and impurities (including heavy metals). This property of zeolite is highly valued by skincare firms when developing various skincare products for removing pollutants from the skin.

Zeolite, like activated charcoal, has cleaning and exfoliating qualities. Zeolite is another name for clinoptilolite. Due of its numerous benefits, many firms are now using Zeolite into their skincare products.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite are one of the few minerals on the planet to have a negative charge, which means they attract metals with a positive charge, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. They have less dense structures than other silicates; in fact, between 20% and 50% of their total volume is made up of voids.

It turns out that unlocking the most effective detox capability of this zeolite Clinoptilolite requires great scientific work, and amateurs are not welcome.

While in the bathroom, apply to your entire face (ignore the delicate eye area) and even your decolletage before showering. Once it has set, rinse it off with a face wipe and continue with your normal toning and moisturizing routine.

Both water and cations occur throughout those vast expanses. Zeolite is capable of absorbing a wide variety of cations, including the aforementioned heavy metals. While the framework remains intact, the ions and molecules contained within those spaces can be exchanged for other ions or deleted.

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Clay Cure
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