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Email Security is a Global Issue: Securing Business Email in Every Industrial Sector.

Alex Benjamin
Email Security is a Global Issue: Securing Business Email in Every Industrial Sector.

Many businesses are unaware of how susceptible they are if their email infrastructure is not properly secured. Because email remains the key channel for cyber breaches and risk events, email security should be regarded as a fundamental cybersecurity architecture that a corporation implements. If even a single fraudulent email reaches an employee’s inbox, it may damage an enterprise.

Email Security is a Global Issue: Securing Business Email in Every Industrial Sector.

Email danger does not discriminate. Threat actors are targeting organizations of all sizes in every industrial area with sophisticated assaults aimed to trick victims into disclosing passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data that may be used for monetary gain. The need for proper email security cannot be overstated at this time!

Cybercriminals are using the ongoing worldwide pandemic — as well as an increase in remote employees utilizing insufficiently secured cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace — to build deadly attack campaigns that play on the present environment’s urgency and anxiety. Email security is a common concern, especially in today’s high-risk digital environment. This article will investigate the most significant threats that organizations in various industrial sectors face, as well as provide guidance on how to manage these risks using proactive, multi-layered email protection.

Threat to Real Estate

Wire fraud is all too common in the real estate market. Cybercriminals use the intricate and rushed nature of real estate transactions, as well as the vast number of susceptible users engaged in the closing process — attorneys, bankers, agents, title firms, sellers, and purchasers — to steal enormous sums of money in targeted phishing schemes. These deadly scams begin when an email account belonging to a realtor or a title business is compromised by the introduction of malware transmitted through email. Cybercriminals rely on people’s confidence. They know you trust your real estate agent, lawyer, or bank, and they take advantage of that confidence to steal from you. Wire fraud, in addition to causing enormous financial harm, may undermine customer confidence and irreversibly harm a company’s brand image.

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Companies in the real estate industry should invest in a cloud email security solution that provides proactive, defense-in-depth email protection, preventing fraudulent emails from reaching the inbox and, as a result, lowering their risk of deadly and costly wire transfer scams.

Threat to Law Firms and Lawyers

Attorneys and law businesses are among the most common targets for cyberattacks. Email is a trusted and preferred tool for an attorney to communicate with his or her clients and share crucial information. However, because there are no mandatory security procedures or regulatory standards in place to safeguard sensitive data from theft, abuse, or change, law firms frequently lack the protection required to detect and prevent complex attack operations.

The most effective phishing security for attorneys is the right use of advanced authentication such as SPF, DMARC, and DKIM to offer more assurance that not only are emails being sent from a trustworthy source but that emails being received are as they look.

A well-designed email security solution for attorneys and law firms gives comprehensive end-to-end management of email accounts via various layers of software and detection engines that operate in tandem to precisely identify and quarantine ALL harmful emails before they reach the inbox. EmailAuth may be the answer you’re looking for.

Threat to Healthcare

Protecting healthcare institutions and the people they serve requires strong digital security. Businesses in the healthcare industry are attractive targets for email-borne attacks like phishing and ransomware due to the considerable data they gather from patients, and a successful assault may result in the exposure of sensitive information, substantial downtime, and major compliance difficulties.

According to research, small hospitals and healthcare institutions with less than 500 staff have a higher level of digital risk. 70% of ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry are directed at smaller firms. Attackers are aware of, and take advantage of, the fact that small healthcare organizations frequently have lean security assistance, making them more inclined to pay a ransom than their bigger counterparts.

Threat to Information Technology

Email is the preferred attack vector for cybercriminals, and email-borne threats are continually developing to become more ubiquitous, sophisticated, and destructive. According to Verizon research, email is used in more than 90% of intrusions. As a result, service providers and other organizations in the technology industry must have a solid email security policy to protect themselves and their clients from phishing, ransomware, and other dangerous attacks.

Spear-phishing assaults on technology companies have recently taken on a new twist: attackers are requesting papers be provided to them rather than getting into systems and taking this secret information themselves. Threat actors posing as CEOs and requesting employee tax forms have been a frequent approach during tax season.

The Best Way Out

Regardless of a company’s size or the market it serves, efficient email defense that can keep up with the continually expanding threat landscape is critical to any company’s safety, operations, and success. Defense-in-depth is essential for securing corporate email accounts and users. Modern attacks necessitate modern multi-layered defenses, classic signature-based antivirus software, and many traditional email security solutions have fallen behind, unable to handle today’s sophisticated exploits.

Many small firms cannot afford to hire a full-time IT staff or mail administrator, making them particularly susceptible. EmailAuth’s comprehensive email security solution integrates seamlessly with organizations’ existing email infrastructure and is remotely managed around the clock by a dedicated team of security experts, providing a quick return on investment (ROI) and invaluable peace of mind in this turbulent, frightening time.

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Alex Benjamin
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