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Safety Features on Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta

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Safety Features on Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta

There are various reasons you may want to rent the sprinter van rental Atlanta for family tour or party etc. You have many children, have a company requiring a flexible vehicle, or run an enterprise that provides shuttle services. One thing is for sure; however, you'll want to feel secure while either you or one of your staff members is driving any vehicles. They are not just expensive, but it also carries the most valuable item of all: life. There is nothing more crucial than safety, mainly when the road is a hazardous area.

Features Available on Sprinter Van Rental Atlanta

Luckily for us all, Mercedes continues to lead the way regarding safety features. Every year, they manage to surpass themselves. The most recent sprinter van rental Atlanta, which are the same vans that we in Coach west transform into the most luxurious vehicles, come with these characteristics:


Backup Camera

A standard feature in almost all vehicles today, Backup cameras are one of the essential security features available. Particularly when driving a van with children or clients, or employees moving around, the feature allows you to rearrange the parking space easily.


Parking Assistance

Sensors built into sprinter vans can tell you when you're in danger of hitting any objects while parking. This is useful for the size of this vehicle, with blind spots that would be significantly larger if you only had traditional mirrors.


Blind Spot Assistance

Sprinter vans can inform you via your dashboard when a vehicle is about to come close. Radar sensors located on the exterior of your van will be able to identify cars in the vicinity. This can help you stay secure when you change lanes in high traffic or come across cars that are creeping into an unmarked area.


Lane Cantering

A camera mounted on the roof of the vehicle can detect when you could unintentionally go to the edges of your road. If you manage to leave the lane in any manner, the camera will warn you by a sound or visible alert.


High-Wind Safety

Mercedes sprinter vans can recognize high-speed crosswinds as driving. If you're driving more than 50 miles/hour, your vehicle will assist you with gentle braking to help stabilize and correct the course of your vehicle.


Stability Safety

In addition, the high-wind security feature activates brake mechanisms. It can even slow the engine to help stabilize the vehicle in the event of slipping in the roadway tires. This makes it much more difficult to understeer or oversteer the car to cause an accident.


What Does This All Mean?

These safety features won't allow drivers the freedom to become indifferent and risky behind the wheel. They make driving safer. However, it's still essential to be attentive to the road ahead and be aware of other motorists close to you. These are huge automobiles with a much higher weight than a standard van, and it is crucial to adhere to all laws on the roads and remain alert at all times. Be aware that there isn't a thing more valuable than those in the back, whether they are working on their laptops to prepare for an upcoming appointment or playing with their iPad while in the car.

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