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3 Ways That Seniors Can Embrace Minimalism

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3 Ways That Seniors Can Embrace Minimalism

When considering minimalism, what ideas spring to mind? Could it be the work of the famous contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama? Or maybe you're a fan of the KonMari method from Netflix star Marie Kondo. No matter what inspires you toward minimalism, the end result is that you'll save money and bring more happiness into your life. Here is how elderly living apartments can benefit from the philosophy of "less is more."


1.  Don't Neglect What You Already Have

The theory of minimalism as it relates to happiness is that when you have fewer material things in your life, you'll have more room for non-material methods toward happiness. For example, if you only possess a few books and shirts, you're more likely to take proper care of each item. When you own fewer items, you won't feel the need to buy as many replacements or to throw away things.

Also, taking a minimalistic approach to life is a great way to prepare for downsizing into elderly living apartments. After all, when you possess fewer things, it can lower the amount of money and time it takes to maintain your lifestyle.


2.  Recognize the Value of Experiences Over Possessions

According to a study from Northwestern University, there is evidence suggesting that people who place more value on status, wealth, and material possessions experience higher levels of depression on average.

In the study, the researchers organized participants into two separate groups. One group looked at pictures of luxury goods, while the other viewed neutral scenes devoid of any consumer products. Afterward, both groups completed questionnaires. The results were interesting. The group that viewed pictures of jewelry, cars, and electronics rated themselves as having higher levels of anxiety and depression than the group that looked at neutral scenes that were absent of consumer products.

One way to explain this is that humans as a species might just be able to adapt faster to the material goods that we buy, leading to our happiness running out faster. Memories, on the other hand, can be much longer-lasting than the happiness gained from material goods.

The main takeaway here is that you might want to consider downsizing into elderly living apartments and then enjoy the benefits of a more minimalist lifestyle. Senior living communities have calendars filled with weekly activities for residents, providing them with many opportunities to create happy memories.


3. Follow the “Spark Joy” Movement

Let's say you're ready to start a life of minimalism or at least want to lean into this mindset a bit more. How do you start? Well, it might be appropriate, to begin with, the old adage, "Out with the old, in with the new."

According to pro organizer Marie Kondo, you should ask yourself how much joy each item brings into your life. You tidy up your possessions by discarding the ones that don't bring any joy and thereby lack value in your life. Remove everything from your drawers and closets, books from the shelves, paperwork from your file cabinet, etc. After making your piles, go through each item and determine if it sparks joy.

When moving into elderly living apartments, the most important to bring are often fond memories of home and family, like pictures or gifts from family members – and for a good reason. These items spark joy and should be kept.

As you can see, minimalism goes hand in hand with transitioning into elderly living apartments. We hope that this information has been useful to you and that it will help make your transition easier.

My Living Choice
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