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How Non-Sports Categories are Acquiring Rage in the Fantasy Sports Industry?

Sara Martin
How Non-Sports Categories are Acquiring Rage in the Fantasy Sports Industry?

Fantasy Sports Trends

Making a fantasy sports application is a sure-fire way to earn money. But, how do you ensure it’s successful? What can you do to attract many users? It is crucial to think about these questions prior to deciding to make a decision to invest in your concept of developing a fantasy sports app. We have a dedicated and highly experienced fantasy sports app developers team who can create fantasy sports apps at an affordable cost. 

There are multiple modes to find and keep your players on an app for fantasy. But, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in fantasy sports is one of the most crucial of these. It is essential to incorporate new trends into your fantasy sports app in order to attract attention from users and increase their engagement rate. Non-sports categories are among the trends to take into consideration. 

When you integrate popular non-sports categories, you can offer an outstanding experience for players, which will encourage users to keep using your fantasy application for a long time. We’ve compiled an inventory of the most popular non-sports leagues and categories that you could incorporate into your application to improve overall business results.

Forex and stocks

Stock trading is nothing more than rocket science for beginners. But the amazing mix of fantasy sports, as well as trading, has given them their breaths of relief. Newbies can now master trading stocks in a matter of days by using this entertaining method to learn. In this type of trading, players are able to make use of virtual money to buy or sell shares that are available in the indexes. 

You can also make stock teams in virtual reality, and keep track of their position throughout the entire day. The most appealing part is that players can compete against hundreds of stock market enthusiasts around the world. Many fantasy stock apps are equipped with analytical tools that provide reliable and valuable information on the actual trends in stock prices.

A growing quantity of enthusiasts for stock trading as well as professionals are inclined to play games of stock fantasy. So, incorporating the non-sports aspect of your app can be beneficial. Invstr, as well as Story, are among the top examples of share trading apps for fantasy that you can draw inspiration from.

Fantasy Celebrity Leagues

Celebrities have always had a huge influence on the entire industry such as fashion or lifestyle and gaming. Fans are drawn to their favorite celebrities. Being able to be a part of these famous people is a dream for players. 

Thanks to fantasy sports website development that makes this possible. Fans are now able to guess the character of their favorite celebrities on different TV shows and win thrilling prizes in return. 

There is a large celebrity fan base and a huge fan base, making investments in fantasy star leagues software development can be profitable. You can add different leagues for celebrities, like the fantasy film star leagues, fantasy award leagues, reality TV leagues, and many more.


eSports already have a huge fan base. Fantasy sports software development has taken the experience of fans of eSports to a new level. Fantasy eSports software allows players to play their favorite eSports tournaments and titles in a new method. 

It allows them to form virtual teams of eSports for FIFA or other titles and earn interesting points according to their performance. It is possible to incorporate a range of games and leagues in your sports fantasy platform, such as Pubg, CS: Go, Dota 2, and numerous others. 

With the sheer amount of eSports fans and participants, you will definitely build an adequate number of users for your fantasy sports platform.

Reality TV Shows

The majority of the population around the globe watch various reality television shows, whether it’s dancing, musicals, or others. Beyond watching these shows they are now able to determine their results and also earn incredible rewards or points for the same. 

This is all possible thanks to Fantasy reality TV show platforms. Through this enjoyable experience, viewers can remain connected to their favorite TV actors. If you’re a reality show or are in the same field it is possible to think of this as an excellent chance to succeed. 

You can develop a captivating fantasy sports-based platform for your show, or create a dream sports application that includes famous reality shows, such as The Bachelor, Survivor, The Bachelorette, and more. This can not only allow you to earn additional money but can also increase the number of viewers and help build the value of your brand.


Political issues have always been the most popular topic of discussion worldwide. Millions of people connect all over the world, are interested in politics, and are eager to be informed about current events in the world of politics. 

Thus, creating a political fantasy app is a smart choice. It is possible to create an annual or daily fantasy sports app for political games that will draw the attention of people who are interested in politics. 

A platform for fantasy politics lets users use their political expertise to earn points and rewards. Users can make predictions on outcomes of elections or a specific choice and earn prizes if their predictions are well.

Create a stunning Fantasy Sports App using the most popular non-sports categories

Are you intrigued by the non-sports mentioned above and their use in the realm of fantasy sports? If so, it’s time to design an exclusive fantasy sports application that includes these categories or incorporate them into your existing fantasy application. Insta Gamio can aid you by providing the feature-packed and exciting fantasy sports app that includes all the most popular non-sports mentioned in the prior paragraphs. We have highly qualified fantasy cricket app developers with extensive experience in the development of excellent applications for fantasy sports.

Sara Martin
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