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Prakash Tomer

In this post, I want to present something practical and, at the same time, useful to you, dear readers. Within our routine as bloggers, whether in the area of ​​blogs, or in any other area or niche, we need to create diverse and original content, but that, at the same time, allows us to increase Google visits, so that we do not need to be so focused on of Social Networks and go to the level of acquiring visits (and money!) while we sleep or do anything else outside the computer.

The interesting thing is that we can, yes, reconcile these two very important things in our routine: ideas for new posts and growth in visits from Google. The practical tips in this article will teach you how. 

First of all, I'm going to teach a practical tip for those who already received some visits from Google with their blog. For those who have a very new blog and haven't reached that level, in this same post I'll give additional tips to achieve the same goal!

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First, access your blog statistics in Google Analytics. If you still don't use this tool, kill yourself and register now, right now (the redundancy is to lighten you up, really!).

After accessing your stats homepage, go to “ Traffic Sources ” from the menu on the left, and when the page reloads, run to the “ Keywords “.

There, you will have a list of the keywords that bring you visits from Google, in descending order of the number of visits obtained.


The first way to get some idea of ​​a post that can increase visits from Google is to take the keywords that are at the top of this list, but you haven't created a post focusing on them yet (but you can, of course) and do a Google search to see how you are positioned. Then just create a post on the keyword and go for it. Read about: funny iPhone names

Notes: To make sure you make some profit on the traffic level, I recommend doing a search in the AdWords keyword tool and analyzing the keyword search level. If the numbers please you, check it out in the article. Another thing we can do to not miss the trip, if you can't create a post about the keyword, is to do a Google search, analyze Google suggest. If you are not in the top 3 positions and you still receive considerable traffic from the keyword, you can try to position your page even higher (through Link Building) until you are more at the top and thus get more visits.


By analyzing the data that appears in this list (which I believe is one of the most important of the entire tool that is Analytics), you can naturally get good ideas for new posts, overnight.

Just write them down and do some research again in the AdWords keyword tool. If you find something interesting, run there write a new post or keep your idea noted!


Leaving the field of Google Analytics, go directly to your blog and read your own posts. That's right you read! If you know your content well, whenever you read it again you will find keywords that yield great posts and that, according to your feeling or statistical research, can indeed increase visits from Google.

Every Blog has a post that didn't get the attention it deserved or we were just a disaster writing it. The exercise is simple, check your statistics, identify the least visited and ask the following questions:

Is it still a valid idea? Is it worth rewriting this post?

What could be the best title for this post?

Is there any relevant information I can include?

Have I already written about this in articles I can reference?

Of course, this is not just for posts that hardly anyone sees, but also for articles that get a lot of visits, but where people don't stay long to read is usually a sign that the item isn't meeting your visitors' expectations.

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In addition, an interesting addition is that, by doing this, you can also do a little Link Building work within these new posts just by linking the keywords that gave you the ideas, within already written posts that you are analyzing.

This one is special for those who are just starting out with their blog and have little content or still don't get enough traffic from Google to get keyword ideas by analyzing visits through Analytics.

Start reading other blogs that have content related to yours and write down all the keywords that come to your mind that can yield great posts. If you already have the little thing I call blogger feeling , which is to imagine the amount of searches that a certain word or keyword phrase can reach within Google, you can already continue removing or modifying some useless keywords.

In other cases, if you have a fertile mind or know very well the niche where you operate, you can get keywords out of your own little head, just closing your eyes and thinking a little.

After that, you may have good post ideas in hand. Now, just access (again!) the AdWords keyword tool and search with the keywords you have entered, until you find some that generate good traffic.

Ideas for new posts are formed and, in addition, possible chances of new visits from Google to your pages!

The tips are small, easy and very practical, in my opinion. In addition, they bring me a great return, regardless of the niche or blog where I apply them. For those who are disappointed to read Digital Marketing 2.0 and get few ideas on a practical level, I believe this post must have motivated them. Did you like it? Did you manage to increase Google visits to your pages?!

Prakash Tomer
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