Kedarkantha Trek : One of the top winter treks in India

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Kedarkantha, regarded as one of the top winter treks in India, is one of the few Himalayan treks that is accessible even during the winter. The Kedarkantha trip, suitable for those wishing to start their journey into the Himalayas or even experienced trekkers looking for a brief escape, offers a unique experience of trekking across snowy routes and getting a peek of life in the mountains even in the dead of winter.

The Kedarkantha trip offers the ideal combination of challenge, adventure, and magnificent vistas, with a track filled with lush oak and pine woods, wide-open green meadows, peaceful lakes, picture-perfect campsites, and panoramic views of towering Himalayan peaks.

A Quick Overview of the Kedarkantha Trek

  1. Moderate Difficulty (Suitable for Beginners)
  2. The Kedarkantha Trail features dense pine and oak forests, broad meadows, and snow in the winter.
  3. The location of the trek is Uttarakhand
  4. Sankri is the base camp (200 km from Dehradun)
  5. Kedarkantha's elevation ranges from 6,000 feet in Sankri to 12,500 feet at Kedarkantha Peak.
  6. The Kedarkantha Trek is 25 kilometers long (Approx)
  7. Duration of the Kedarkantha Trek: 4 days (Sankri - Sankri)
  8. Best Kedarkantha Trekking Season is from December to April

Kedarkantha Mythology

Kedarkantha, like most other places in Uttarakhand, is splattered with mythical references. The most notable mention of the location comes directly from the Mahabarata, which asserts Kedarkantha to be the location where Lord Shiva in his bull avatar sought refuge from the Pandavas and meditated in the valley before fleeing to Kedarnath after being disturbed by the inhabitants. The Trishul of Lord Shiva, which stands atop the mountain, is also thought to protect the valley and its inhabitants.

Itinerary for Kedarkantha Trek

Day1: Drive from Dehradun to Sankri Base Camp

Trekkers will be picked up in an SUV/Tempo from Dehradun at 6:30 a.m. The whole distance traveled today is 200 kilometers, and it will take approximately 10 hours. 5:00 PM is the expected arrival time at Sankri.

Day2: Trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab

The elevation ranges from 6,400 to 9,100 feet.

Get up early in the morning and take in the scenery. The trip is 4 kilometers long and will take approximately 5 hours. The trail winds through dense pine forests, maple trees, and a few creeks before opening up to the magnificent meadows. Tents are used for overnight stays.

Day3: Trek from Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp 

You will also travel across some meadows with Sheppard longhouses. You will see and cross Juda Ka Talab shortly after beginning today's trip. When you arrive at the campsite, take a moment to relax and admire the grandeur of the Kedarkantha Peak. Staying in Camps for the night.

Day4: Trek from Kedarkantha Base Camp to Kedarkantha peak and back to Juda ka Talab Campsite

Altitude : 10,500 ft – 12,500 ft – 8,900 ft

It’s a long & tiring day today, but worth all the effort. We will start early in the morning so that we can witness the surreal sunrise from the ridge/top. We are climbing on steep slopes of the mountain, after reaching the summit we will spend some quality time with the beautiful picturesque view from the top. & get back to the camp at Juda

Day5: Trek back from Juda ka Talab  to Sankri and return to Dehradun

Altitude range: 8,900 ft. to 6,400 ft.

Today we'll be headed back to Sankri, where it all began. The 4 km downhill trip will take around 3 hours. We will begin our descent after breakfast and arrive in Sankri by early afternoon. We will go for Dehradun after spending some time in Sankri. The journey concludes when you arrive at Dehradun.

Heaven Riders India
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