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Xiaovv B10 Double light source wifi outdoor camera

Security Home Camera
Xiaovv B10 Double light source wifi outdoor camera

Dome CCTV cameras are used in most buildings with CCTV surveillance systems. The dome-shaped camera is mounted in corner shops, banks, apartments, and hotels. Intruders will find it hard to see the camera's direction because the dome is tinted darkly.

Dome cameras are versatile and have many features, making them a great choice for most CCTV surveillance systems. We share seven reasons why dome cameras are the best choice for your surveillance system.

Visitors can easily spot the camera

You want your visitors to know that the building is under surveillance, regardless of whether you're a homeowner or business owner. A Dome Camera can be easily seen by the naked eye due to its unique structure and dark dome glass.

Visitors Are unable to find the direction of the camera

The majority of CCTV cameras are designed to rotate in a circular motion, so criminals who want to outwit the camera would have no chance. Visitors cannot see which way the camera is facing because of the unique dome structure. Blind spots are therefore impossible to use.

Wide Angle Coverage

Dome cameras can cover wider angles and expand the field of vision because of their unique structure. These cameras are a great choice if you need wide coverage, such as to capture the entire entranceway.

Durability and Affordability

Dome CCTV cameras can be installed quickly and easily, making them a great choice for homeowners. The camera is very durable and will last for many years.

Indoor And Outdoor Usage

Dome CCTV cameras have the advantage of being able to be used indoors as well as outdoors. The toughened polycarbonate shell is resistant to extreme outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and rain.

Night Vision

Many homeowners are concerned about safety at night. However, XiaoVV's night vision-enabled Dome Camera or Wireless Cctv Camera will solve all of your security problems. Xiaovv Dome Camera provides high-quality night images, videos, and photos in low and poor light conditions.


You want to protect your security camera system, whether it is at home or in commercial buildings. Xiaovv's Dome Camera CCTV camera offers impact protection. It also has smart functions such as intrusion detection and line crossing detection. This makes it tamperproof.

Dome Cameras - Great addition to your security needs

Dome CCTV cameras have many benefits. The camera's versatility makes it an excellent choice as a Wireless Cctv for Home for indoor or outdoor use, commercial and residential. To prolong the life of your camera, ensure that you clean and maintain it regularly. For further more information visit our Website.

Security Home Camera
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