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How tire pressures of your car influence your car’s fuel consumption

Otodata Tank Monitors

When you are going to buy a car, irrespective of what you do and where you are, you are going to discuss fuel economy. As fuel economy directly reflects in your bottom line, it deserves adequate attention. You must be aware of how much oil a car would consume every month, and how much adjustment you have to make in your monthly household budget due to refueling.

Type of the Tire matters a lot:

The fuel economy significantly depends on the quality of the tires. It depends on the size of your car too. A full-size SUV car is not going to provide you as much mileage as a hybrid compact car can give. Even, when you are comparing the identical cars, fuel consumption can be different if the climate, types of roads, and driver's efficiency are different.

How does the air pressure in a tire affect the effectiveness of a car?

The air inside the tires supports the whole body of the car. It is essential to maintain adequate air pressure inside the tire for the healthy life of your car as well as to improve the functionality which eventually decreases the fuel consumption. Still, car drivers neglect this common aspect of a car.  

 To check the fuel consumption by your car, or the remained fuel in your car, OTODATAa corporate tank monitor provides machinery and software that can check the level of gas inside the tank without even opening it.  

 The effects of under-inflation of a tire:

Under inflation of tires is one of the main reasons for the breakdown of a car. When your car is underinflated, the tire touches the ground too much causing more friction. The resistance makes the engine work much harder to keep the car in motion. So, the fuel consumption is increased by the engines due to the rolling resistance.

 It is also believed that overinflated tires give you a delightful ride. However, it’s a myth. It can cause more harm to the car, and also can cause your car to meet an accident.

You should keep checking the tank monitor for fuel and lubricants (Meter) to know if your car is consuming excessive fuel.

Air pressure in tire VS Fuel consumption (Data)

Under-inflated tires force your car engine to work harder. A study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA has found that every 1% decrease in air pressure can result in a 0.3% reduction in fuel economy. This can be increased with the growing numbers of the percentage decrease in air pressure.

 Climate effect on Tire pressure:

Climate change has a significant effect on tire pressure. For every 5% drop in the temperature, there is a 2 percent drop in tire pressure.

OTODATA, a shop for online tank monitors, wants you to know the factors that significantly affect your car's fuel economy. We hope, this article will help you to analyze your car’s unusual fuel consumption and its causes.

Otodata Tank Monitors
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