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Why Work From Home Is Trending

Santosh T
Why Work From Home Is Trending

Netflix and chill? One of the preferable sayings of everyone across the world. At the same time, it's entirely different from the corporate world. People now want to work and chill. Since the emergence of the Covid - 19, the nation was forced to adjust to the relatively new methods to complete work. The choices ranged from using mobiles for grocery shopping and essentials to installing remote workstations inside the homes; the entire nation adapted to the new normal.

According to a report, 53% of businesses say that working from home has increased the demand for freelancers or gig workers. The most tremendous demand for freelancers has been in the web, mobile and software development category by around 80%. There are various reasons why working from home is rapidly gaining momentum. Even though working from home has become a standard, some benefits and disadvantages remain constant for employers and employees.

Let's see what the two of them face while working from home. 

Benefits of working from home

Working from home has numerous benefits for employees; some of them are listed below:

  • Saving
  • Freedom
  • Effective Communication
  • Productivity and Flexibility


One significant benefit of working from home is the saving on additional costs. Travelling is the most expensive cost for employees, and work from home saves extra expenses on travelling to and fro between home and office. The rising price of petrol and diesel adds an additional advantage, as work from home reduces the costs of tolls and other miscellaneous expenses. 


It is common to switch between different tasks, and you are given a variety of opinions about the priority and quality of each job. When you work from home, you utilise proper management of time and freedom in work to express your ideologies. This allows you to bring your unique individuality to the tasks, organise the job, and be in charge of your assigned work.

Effective Communication

Communication at work requires clarity of content and active listening. In the typical office environment, it's possible to talk face to face, which is a way to prevent miscommunication. But if you are working at home, it is necessary to go that extra mile in communication with the team to remain up to date on the task so that you are on the same page of progress. 

The use of telecommunication tools heavily may seem like a negative aspect of remote working; however, their widespread use aids in improving communication instead of relying solely on face to face communications.

Productivity and Flexibility

One of the other benefits of working at home is the absence of distractions. A quiet and peaceful environment can help finish the work faster. With no need to travel to the office, employees can save a significant amount of time and work in their most productive working hours.

Benefits of work from home for business 

Not just employees but employers also benefit from working from home. 

  • Wide range of recruitment
  • High retention
  • Employee productivity

Wide Range of Recruitment

With the current remote working trend, companies can expand their workforces to other cities. This allows businesses to reach out to areas that were not accessible previously.

High Retention

One advantage of working from home is employee satisfaction. The flexibility of work and independence contributes to employee happiness, and he/she is more likely to stay with organisations where they are happy, which leads to more excellent staff retention.

Employee Productivity

As employees work from home and have independence, there has been an increase in productivity in the workforce. Furthermore, employees can decide their appropriate needs with work flexibility, resulting in fewer takeoffs.

Summing Up

Due to the advancement of technology, the work from home option has been accepted as a standard in many workplaces. Many workers have turned to coffee shops, cafes and coworking spaces while still working towards their goals. These advances have made businesses more relaxed, transitioning to managing a remote workforce with the right technology and well-trained employees. 

Instead of restraining the change, companies should enhance their remote working policies and procedures. According to industry leaders' predictions, working from home will be the most popular working method in the coming time. AI is expected to play a substantial role in managing these workforces. Although the pandemic may have given rise to work from home culture, it's far from being the only reason people work from home. 

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Santosh T
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