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Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly?

Sam Moeung
Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly?

We all know what to do if we are injured or sick and need instant treatment. Some will visit the emergency room, and others will go in the ambulance. But what to do in a dental emergency? Your ideal Dentist Near Me might not be available to have a look at you immediately, but it’s necessary to get immediate care. If you face a dental emergency, it’s best to visit an emergency dentist near you for treatment. Knowing the symptoms and severity of your conditions will help you decide the right treatment for you. The faster you get the treatment, the better the outcome you will receive.



What’s Dental Emergency


Dental checkups have routine cleaning, x-rays, and consultation every six months. When you have a dental emergency, you must take immediate action. This is important in addressing the severe pain and discomfort in your mouth that might lead to bleeding gums or fractured teeth.


Reasons for Visiting Emergency Dentistry

Many people regularly visit their dentist for checkups and teeth cleaning. However, this can also be taken in an emergency. You can visit an emergency dental care immediately or call us at Gentle Dental whenever you have these dental emergencies. Our experienced professionals will treat you with high-quality treatment services:

Lost Tooth

Whether from sports injury or decay, your knocked tooth will make you an emergency dental candidate. If your tooth can be saved, you should: Not touch the root, but you can touch the crown. Try to attach again with the socket, but this should be done within an hour. Kindly place your tooth in a milk container or between your cheek and gum. Use a cold compress to stop bleeding.



A Chipped Tooth

This is the most common type of dental emergency. Some foods like chicken bones can be responsible for small tooth chips. Not only chicken bones but nuts can also cause injury to your tooth. Accidents are the most common reason for a chipped tooth. An emergency dentist near me will fix the chipped tooth with a bond or a crown.

A Broken Tooth

Broken tooths are more severe than chipped teeth. A tiny or hidden chip is responsible for a broken tooth. You’ll experience some discomfort and intense pain. Rinse your mouth with warm water, and apply a cold press to the swelling area.

Something Stuck

This emergency might seem funny, but it is still a dental emergency. If a food particle or other material gets stuck deep in your gums or teeth, you can experience unbearable pain and inflammation.

Lost Filling

You might lose a filling more frequently than you think. It would help if you went for emergency care when you realize you’ve lost a filling. It might damage your tooth more if you don’t get emergency care.


Bleeding Gums

Unstoppable bleeding in the gums can indicate a periodontal disease that requires: Treatment of the disorder based on its pain level. Treatment to maintain the tissues and gums healthy.


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Sam Moeung
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