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Why Should You Buy Cork Yoga Mat?

Why Should You Buy Cork Yoga Mat?

Yoga is a big step to a healthy life, but it is important to choose the right yoga mat as well. If you are confused about whether buying Cork Yoga Mat is a good option or not, let’s talk about some of the benefits of using a cork yoga mat.


Benefits of Cork Yoga Mats

·        Eco-Friendly

·        Absolute Grip

·        Easy to clean

·        Skin-friendly

·        Elegant looks

·        It’s durable

·        Sticks to floor


Eco Friendly

Cork is the outer bark of a cork oak tree and is completely biodegradable. In this era of global pollution, we should be more conscious about the eco-friendliness of the equipment we use. The best part is, the trees are not even cut for making these types of yoga mats. It is one of the most vital reasons that cork yoga mats are being popular among yoga trainers and trainees as well.


Absolute Grip

You can’t practice yoga on a mat that doesn’t have a strong grip and is slippery. People across the world love Cork yoga mats for their nice grip. If you are worried about sweat and moisture, don’t worry, as the open cell structure of the cork mat gives a non-slippery grip that even keeps going better with sweat and moisture. So now, you can do your yoga without being worried about slippery surfaces.


Easy to Clean

It is an easy to clean material as it is an antibacterial material. For its antibacterial properties, it doesn’t sink at all. You don’t need to do any expense or invest your time in cleaning your cork yoga mat.



When you’re using a yoga mat, you have to make sure that the mat material is not toxic to your skin, as your skin will be exposed to the mat. Cork mats have a smooth surface with skin-friendly elements. You don’t have to worry about your skin being harsh or dry as cork is a completely skin-friendly material.


Elegant looks

Cork yoga mats have an elegant look that everyone loves. It is simple but has an earthly beauty that can attract eyes.


It’s Durable

With a cork mat, you’ll not need to change your yoga mat often, as cork mats are not only beautiful but also durable. You can use it for years and don’t have to invest your money to buy plenty of yoga mats.


Sticks to Floor

Your mist must stick to the floor so that you can concentrate on your yoga without any hiccups. Cork mats have a natural rubber base, and because of that, it doesn’t bunch up when you move around on them.


Where to Find The Best Cork Mats? 

Cork mats are a smart choice for yoga, and if you want to buy an elegant and completely natural cork yoga mat, you can go through Grip Yoga. We have a collection of 100% original cork yoga mats so that you can choose your perfect yoga partner. You can choose your preferred one, and we’ll send that to you with our on-time service. We believe in the supremacy of yoga and aim to provide you with the best yoga experience with our natural and elegant cork yoga mats.

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