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Top Questions to Ask Your Software Development Partner

Top Questions to Ask Your Software Development Partner

Do you have experience with similar projects?

Actually, you should have figured out the answer to this issue before contacting that software development firm. You should approach software businesses based on your own set of criteria, such as a portfolio and services that reflect their experience. A portfolio of success stories should be included in any successful software product development company's portfolio. To discover if they're a good fit for your organization, ask to examine some of their previous work. Also, don't be afraid to ask for references from the company's previous customers. When you add it all up, you should be able to tell if they can deliver the outcomes you require.

Who will I be working with, and how is the team structured?

This is a more complicated question than you might assume. Not only should the answer be a perfect match for your own project management style, but it should also be well-structured from the software development company's perspective. During a consultation or a simple conversation with the organization, you will be able to tell if the workflow is well-thought-out.

You should be completely informed of the project management style, the methodology that the software development business of your choice will use in your project, the sprints or implementations that will be used, and so on. The more specific your queries are (especially if the first response was very broad), the more you'll be able to predict what to expect, how much can be provided, and how.

It's also possible that the project management style they employ isn't something you're looking to implement, or just isn't suited to your preferences. This is an excellent opportunity to identify and, if necessary, resolve certain potential bottlenecks.

Who is My Contact person?

Hiring dedicated developers requires excellent communication. Projects cannot advance as needed without open conversation, yet too much communication from too many people muddles the entire process. The best strategy is to designate a specific point of contact. They will then be able to answer all of your queries and keep you informed about the project's development.

How will we communicate?

When it comes to any collaboration between an external software development company and the hiring corporation, communication is vital to success. Make sure the company you've picked understands the need for timely, consistent, and honest communication.

Set up some communication methods and a schedule for when you'll be in touch. The software development business will know how frequently they can expect to hear from you, and you will know when they should be available. Also, decide on working hours and communication times in general (for example, will you require them to respond to your suggestions on weekends, or can they wait until Monday?) Find a point of agreement and stick to it, but do so before signing anything.

What does your development process look like?

Different project management styles are used by different bespoke software development companies. It's critical that this fits your company's working style, whether agile or waterfall. Agile is used by project managers because it allows clients to provide feedback throughout the project while also lowering expenses.

Can you estimate a date for completion?

It's critical to establish precise deadlines from the start. The company's method for calculating software development time should be totally transparent, as should the possibility of this changing as the project progresses. Ask how they compute the cost in relation to the proposed timetable while you're talking about it.

What happens after delivery?

It's an important question to ask. Even after the development has been completed the project constantly will need 

Why should I choose your company?

Obviously, you'll be focusing on money, impacts, and the process. However, by asking such a question, you will gain some psychological and "human-touch" context. You've chosen a particular software development firm for a reason, but what do they believe that reason is? Why does that software development firm believe they can meet your needs? What sets them apart from the competition, in their opinion?

The answer to such a question could be rather surprising and even out of the box, therefore it's not a bad idea to ask it if you get the chance.

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