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Best mainline voltage stabilizers for Home

Best mainline voltage stabilizers for Home

One of the most common problems faced by people in their daily lives is how they get around during bad weather. Power cuts can be extremely dangerous for some electrical appliances, and there are many ways to deal with this problem. High or low voltage supplies, short circuits, or any other issues can interrupt a power source, reduce a product's lifespan, and can be the reason for a fire.

To protect against power outages, companies have made sure to add back-up generators to ensure that everything in the home remains operational. These back-up generators, however, do not always provide consistent power, and so companies have made use of mainline voltage stabilizers.

Aulten is a leading manufacturer and supplier of voltage stabilizers. Mainline voltage stabilizers are the best suitable voltage stabilizer for the home that will be connected to main power supply line. The mainline stabilizers protect all the electric appliances from over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, or overload. Mainline stabilizers are the products that can be used to reduce the viscosity of oil. The two main categories are copper and non-copper.

3 KVA 2400W 90V - 300V Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline - Aulten

Digital Display continuously displays input and output voltage giving you accurate voltage readings of your mainline stabilizer.

Stabilizes Power Supply - It maintains a safe output voltage range of 200V - 240V ± 5% making it universally ideal for all home appliances.

An ergonomic wall mounting sleek design for smooth installation and elegant look.

Complete Protection for all your appliances with inbuilt High Voltage Cut, Low Voltage Cut, Short Circuit, and Overload Protection, enhancing their performance and life cycle, automatically cuts the power supply during huge surges and fluctuations.

Multifunctional Digital Display showing Output Voltage (OP), Input Voltage (IP), High Voltage (Hi), Low Voltage (Lo), 5 Second Initial Time Delay Countdown, you can monitor the voltage performance in real-time.

Compact Design, easily wall mountable with in-box mounting accessories, a high tensile metal cabinet for the long life cycle of the product, easy to install with just 5 wire connection clearly marked on the stabilizer, 2 wire for input, 2 wire for output, and 1 wire for earthing, no more complications.

Integrated with Zero cross switching technology with Highly Efficient Toroidal Transformer, 2 MCB on the front, 1 for stabilizer on/off (Mains), 2nd for Changeover/Bypass to use the grid power supply in case of any failure or emergency hence saving you the hassle of a power outage.

1 Year Replacement Guarantee, we will replace your stabilizer free of cost in case of any problems faced with the stabilizer, you don’t have to go anywhere, the old stabilizer will be picked up from the comfort of your home and a new one will be delivered. 

Buy Now: 3 KVA 2400W 90V - 300V Voltage Stabilizer for Mainline (White)– Aulten

Aulten Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer for Mainline with Changeover MCB/ Powers for all Home Appliances

Aulten brings to you an exclusive range of energy-efficient and automatic voltage stabilizers that are an ideal fit for all your appliances and their voltage needs.

Designed to take care of all the appliances in your home, Fans will start moving faster, lights will start glowing a little brighter, and everything else in between feels like a new energy in your home with the power you deserve. Recommended using in adversely affected areas where there are frequent drops in grid voltage and low connectivity. Aulten Mainline Stabilizer will also help your Inverter/UPS charge the batteries faster so you’re ready quicker, for any unforeseen power outages.

With all these multi-benefits like very fewer voltage fluctuations, suitable for pumps and submersible because it's based on an intelligent system with a digital voltmeter it helps give accurate power voltage reading. And one of the best things about Aulten stabilizers that they are easy to install.


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