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17 HR Ideas That Get Your Employees Excited to Work For You (Part Two)

Ellie Williams
17 HR Ideas That Get Your Employees Excited to Work For You (Part Two)

When it comes to managing a workplace, maintaining excitement across your team is important to ensure employee happiness and productivity. Investing in your employee's happiness can do wonders for your team. Here are more ways to maintain that energy across the office!

Encourage Autonomy

“Employees should be held accountable for their work, but employers should not be monitoring their every action. Instead, they should feel that they are trusted to get their work done and capable of doing their job. Being a micromanager can be demeaning as it shows your employees that you don’t trust them while also being quite frustrating. Let your employees be confident in their abilities and let their work prove they know what they’re doing.”

- David Ring, Senior Marketing Manager at MCT Trading

Welcome Feedback

“Transparency and integrity are essential to any organization, so inviting feedback from employees is a factor that keeps them engaged in their work. By welcoming any sort of feedback, you let your employees know that their voice matters. When everyone understands that their opinions can be heard and matter, they are more likely to be more enthusiastic about interacting with their team and are open to collaborating. Feedback is also important as it lets you know how everything is going and what you need to adjust in the future.”

- Adrian Pereira, Co-Founder and CEO of Eco Pea Co.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

“Although employees are expected to come to work and complete their tasks, encouraging them to have a better work-life balance can create a healthier and more motivated work environment. Find ways to help employees pursue their passions and support their hobbies. Having something to look forward to outside of work that doesn’t take away from what an employee does day-to-day helps maintain engagement and overall happiness. You can help establish a club, find resources, or set up events outside of work for employees to enjoy. Having a life outside of work and feeling supported can create stronger relationships and community amongst employees. Showing that you care and want to cheer your employees is a surefire way to get your employees excited to show up and work for your company.”

- Daniel Kane, Founder of Ridge

Host an Annual Fun Work Event

“One of the best and most effective ways an HR department can get their employees excited to come into work every day is to have an annual work event. Nothing is more exciting than waiting and planning for a day where all employees and their families can go somewhere fun and have a relaxing and memorable day to celebrate their hard work. You can plan a day at the park or even set up an event at an amusement park. Whatever you decide to plan, do your best to keep it fun and minimize the taking one day of the year to have a giant party and let your employees know that their hard work is always valued and appreciated!”

- James Burati, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at 1-800-Pack-Rat

Offer Great Benefits

“A great way to get your employees excited to work for you is by offering them a great benefits package. For many workers, benefits are just as important as salary. Healthcare and retirement plans are one of the most important but offering unlimited paid time off, flexible work hours, and fitness stipends are becoming more common. It is important to communicate with your employees and create a comprehensive benefits offering that actually fits their needs. A well-rounded benefits and perks offering helps employees feel appreciated and supported by their company.” 

- Jeffery Pitrak, Marketing and Account Manager at Transient Specialists

Create Fitness and Wellness Challenges 

“Fitness and wellness challenges are great to keep employees motivated and boost their overall wellbeing. Fitness challenges and competitions show you are encouraging employees to reach their wellness goals and it can be a fun experience. Fitness challenges can help bond your employees and give them some friendly competition and mood boosters outside of their work. This could look like a challenge to see who can track the most steps in a month or even host zoom yoga and meditation for remote employees. There are so many ways to get creative, so encourage brainstorming from your employees and see what fitness and wellness challenges they would like to participate in. Offering fun and easy ways to get involved will always keep employees excited about working for you!” 

- Gregg Dean, CEO and Co-founder of Layla Sleep

Be Motivating, Not Bossy

“People will be much more thrilled to work for a company they know has their backs. Part of HR’s job should be to provide employees with ample reasons to stay motivated, whether it be extra days off or money bonuses (those are fairly simple examples). Sometimes the foot has to come down, but most of the time employees are looking for reasons to be motivated instead of just being told what to do. If HR can answer an employee's question such as, “what is in it for me?” then the employees will be able to put a lot more motivation into their job. Different rewards are a fantastic way to motivate employees, and if a company can come up with a variety of different rewards, they will see much more motivation in their employees.” 

- Sacha Ferrandi, CEO and Co-founder at Source Capital

Offer LGBTQ+ and Diversity Classes and Online Sessions

“A great way an HR department can get their employees excited to work for them is by offering LGBTQ+ and diversity classes and online sessions! Most people in the LGBTQ+ community tend to see that their values and life choices are not as well represented and explained in the general workplace. This can also be said for diversity, ethnic groups, and whether or not a company strives to celebrate and inform employees of different cultural holidays and ethnic backgrounds. Any HR department and business need to have some form of LGBTQ+ and diversity training to ensure that your work setting fosters support and feeling safe.”

- Bill Lyons, CEO of Griffin Funding

Still looking for more ideas? Be on the lookout for part three!

Ellie Williams
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